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At Tiny House Hearing, Vincent Orange Defends Millennials

"We need our young brains to be in the District of Columbia.”

Meet D.C.’s No. 1 Millennial

Millennial Week's opening night ceremony was as Millennial as it could get. There were self-deprecating references to the "me me me" generation. There was a nod to Uber, a peripheral mention of the "decentralization of authority," and, at one point, someone said on stage, "Who doesn't know Bitches Who Brunch?"
And then there were sage words from the event's [...]

The D.C. Government Loves Millennials

D.C.'s chief financial officer, Natwar Gandhi, issued a memo to the Office of Planning today outlining the benefits of the city's recent population growth, concluding that the influx of younger residents has been a great boon for the District's finances. To which the Office of Planning probably said: No shit.
The memo references new residents with "relatively [...]

The Needle: Cracks in Congress

Capitol Repairs:  The U.S. Capitol dome will be clad in scaffolding for two years as it undergoes renovations for the first time since 1960. The new look will match nicely with the Washington Memorial, which arguably looks better since it's been decorated with scaffolds. +3
Eggcellent Breakfast hoagies are back at Taylors Gourmet. Though there are [...]