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Today in D.C. History: Williams Bends to Pressure on Chocolate Milk Day

On May 11, 2001, the District did not celebrate "Drink Chocolate Milk Day." Then-Mayor Anthony Williams, relenting to pressure from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and other activists, scrapped his plans to declare the holiday and promote dairy in the popular "Got Milk?" campaign.
After hearing about the mayor’s plans to promote chocolate milk, PCRM [...]

The Needle: Duke of Rothesay Edition

Wales, D.C.: The royal wedding was more or less swept out of the news by Seal Team Six Sunday night. Which may explain the relative lack of fanfare with which His Royal Highness Prince Charles, heir to the British throne (also duke of Cornwall and Rothesay, among other titles) and father of the recently celebrated [...]

Stock Up on Milk Now!

It's a law of nature every bit as ironclad as a Noreaster: People are descending on milk supplies right now throughout the Washington region, thanks to the forecast.

Our Morning Roundup: This Dude Abides

Good morning, y'all! I'd say, "welcome to a blah blah Freedom Friday," but I'm not really feeling it today. You see, our annual Fall Arts Guide hit the streets yesterday, and that's got me happier than a pig in shit, what with all the blood, sweat, and open weeping I put into it. That also [...]

AMC Best Picture Showcase

You know it's the same every year: You swear you're going to see all the Academy Award-nominated films before the big day. You put the chosen ones on your to-do list as soon as awards season kicks off. You've got plenty of time!
Then suddenly it's Oscar night, and you're left shrugging at all the opening-monologue [...]

Forget the Screen Actors Guild. What Does AARP Think?

I missed the SAG Awards last night — allegedly the most appreciated among dog-and-pony shows because the winners are chosen by other actors — but a quick scan of the recipients reveals no surprises. Slumdog, of course. Meryl Streep, yawn.
This afternoon, though, I received a press release announcing the picks of a group Sean Penn [...]

Gay Heroes at a Theater Near You: Harvey Milk and…the Transporter?

According to Chris Lee of the L.A. Times, the Transporter franchise has introduced moviedom's first gay action hero in Jason Statham's reticent-but-badass Frank Martin.
Lee reports that the director of Transporter's second installment, Louis Leterrier, once told him that he "created a gay subtext for the character so as to avoid making a Steven Seagal [...]