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The Needle: Rex Edition

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My: Okay, they're not pandas. But the debut Monday of the National Zoo's lion cubs should still set off alarms for possible cute overload. All seven of the cubs, born over the summer, will be "previewed" for Friends of the National Zoo members tomorrow, then—depending on weather—released outside early [...]

Circus Update: Redskins Take Away McNabb’s Job, Chance to Break Passing Record

The Redskins have benched Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman. No, really.
This means he won't break the all-time Redskins record for passing yards in a season.
Don't even try to tell me the benching and his approaching that record aren't related.
They're as related as Kyle and Coach Tanahan.

With Redskins, Every Day Is Super Tuesday…

There's a lot of big stuff going on in Washington today. Some elections might shift the balance of power on Capitol Hill and the Wizards host their first home game with the future of the franchise, to name two.
But none of that can compete with what's happening around the Redskins. The Coach is lying again? The Coach's son is lying now, too? Randy [...]

R You In, McNabb?

Mike Shanahan had his "Swinging Gate" moment just 8 games into his first year.
Skins fans haven't been this blindsided by a coaching blunder in, well, however many weeks it's been since Jim Zorn called that fake field goal against the Giants.
What made memories of Zorn's call so durable was that the coach stuck with it even after the Giants [...]

The Needle: Hail Victory Edition

Dallas Sucks: Redskins beat Cowboys, 13-7, at FedEx Field, thanks mostly to Dallas penalties and fumbles that would get a kid benched in Pop Warner games. One game in, Mike Shanahan's crew already has 25 percent of the victories that Jim Zorn's team managed last year. Sadly, Dan Snyder still owns the team, which puts [...]

Dan Snyder to Use Dubious Grammar, Dubiouser Accuracy In Next Attempt to Move Club Seats?

A Georgetown grad student who identifies himself as a Redskins media intern has posted details of, and a visual from, what he says will be the next marketing campaign the team will use to try to unload unsold premium seats for the 2010 season.
"Sales of these seats have been poor and thus we put our [...]

Redskins ‘Scandal’ Breaks: Mike Shanahan Takes Top Billing Over Team!

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
The Redskins announced their training camp schedule yesterday: "MIKE SHANAHAN AND THE WASHINGTON REDSKINS TO OPEN REDSKINS TRAINING CAMP PRESENTED BY RE/MAX ON JULY 29" is how the press release is headlined.
"Mike Shanahan and the Washington Redskins" are opening camp? And not just "the [...]

Morning Roundup: If He Died in Memphis, Then That’d Be Cool Edition

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video
Alex Chilton is dead. Avoid conversations with middle-aged ex-indie rockers today. We will be morose and more unbearable than usual.
Other stuff happened yesterday:

Mourning Roundup: George Michael, Not the Singer, Edition

Today Gilbert Arenas could prance through Chinatown wearing nothing but a bandolier and smile, and there would be no one to cover it. For today, every member of the District Sports Media Elite will be at the National Cathedral for the memorial service of George Michael, not the singer.
If you are from D.C. [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Can Mike Shanahan Make ‘Mastermind’ a Good Word Again?

The highlight of last night's lousy BCS game was the Gatorade shower gone awry. Alabama coach Nick Saban almost went down after taking a huge hit from two surely former players who ran into him with a tub full of beverage.
Local football fans already knew how dangerous the Gatorade shower can be: That's what killed [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Redskins 1 Is Taken Off Fans’ Radar Screen?

Fantastic tidbit posted on Dan Snyder's message board, extremeskins: Dan Snyder has tired of obsessive fans using their computers to track the whereabouts of Redskins 1. With some reason: All the reports of Snyder's jet flying to and from Denver earlier this week sucked what little PR oomph remained out of the Mike Shanahan signing.
So [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Pat Bowlen to Dan Snyder: Take My Ex-Wife, Please!

Right before Christmas, I read an ESPN report that said Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen gave a "ringing endorsement" of his former coach, Mike Shanahan, during private conversations with Dan Snyder. I thought that was an odd leak, given that Bowlen just fired Shanahan a year ago, after Shanny lost a four-game division lead in [...]

Morning Roundup: The “Gilbert Arenas Gives the Rev. Al Sharpton a Thumbs Down” Edition

Good morning, City Desk. It's the sixth day of January. How you doing with those New Year's resolutions?
So...Mike Shanahan!
Chris Dodd!
Guantanamo inmates from Yemen!
The Post's Michael Wilbon gives the Rev. Al Sharpton a big thumbs up this morning for taking to task the gun-toting Gilbert Arenas, one of the sports world's "misbehaving black athletes."
Sharpton can change [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Gilbert Arenas Reminds Us of the Greatness of ‘Lawyers, Guns and Money’?

I've been saying the Six Flags/Dick Clark Productions deal stank for a long time. Now, some big folks are looking into it.
In 2008, Dan Snyder bought Dick Clark Productions for $175 million for Red Zone, a private equity fund he controlled. Snyder then immediately sold 40 percent of Dick Clark Productions to Six Flags, a [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Can DCPS Heat Its Classrooms?

Almost as awesome as the real Arenas' twitter posts, FakeShanahan writes via Twitter yesterday:
"Wait a minute. Clinton Portis is on this team?"
"Wow DC is as cold as Denver. I don't see what the big difference is going to be. Oh yeah, all the losing."
"I'm ironing my clothes for tomorrow's Press Conference [...]