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Unobstructed View: Great News—Kirk Cousins Is Awful!

His terrible performance is actually a good thing. It's what the team needed to find out this season.

The Pigskins Have a New Coach

Big news coming from the Pigskins arena today. No, the team's not changing its name, but it does get a new coach: Jay Gruden, the Cincinnati Bengals' offensive coordinator, ESPN reported today.
Gruden replaces Mike Shanahan, who was fired following a lackluster season.
Gruden has a good resume (the Bengals made the post-season the past three years), but [...]

The Needle: Now Fire the Owner Edition

Losing Team With Vexing Owner ISO New Coach: Mike Shanahan will be paid $7 million not to coach the Washington Pigskins next year, as the team fired him and most of the rest of its coaching staff, a day after ending this year's 3-13 season with a loss to the New York Giants. Shanahan won the [...]

District Line Daily: Snow Day!

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D.C. is expected to see between three and six inches of snow during this morning's commute. [...]

District Line Daily: Maybe Next Year

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That game. Taking RGIII out would've been a tough call for Mike Shanahan, but you don't [...]

The Needle: Whiteout

Demographic Developments: With the election of David Grosso, the D.C. Council is now once again majority white. +/-0
Votes Mapped: Speaking of racial divides, a map of Grosso votes compared to Michael Brown's votes reveals, predictably, that Grosso dominated the western part of the city and Brown the eastern portion. -3

The Needle: Bus Blaze Edition

Gray Gored?: Maybe all that time listening to Sulaimon Brown babble in front of the D.C. Council wasn't wasted, after all. Federal prosecutors say the former chief money man for Vince Gray's victorious 2010 mayoral campaign, Thomas Gore, gave money orders for $535 to Brown's campaign using fake names and cash from Gray's own campaign [...]

What Does Bruce Allen Do?

Bruce Allen was ostensibly hired to be the general manager of the Washington Redskins.
But since taking over the back of the shop late in the 2009 season, Allen has never gotten any credit for doing basic general managerial tasks, the basicest being putting together a team's roster.
Instead, he's been seen doing PR tasks, like glad-handing [...]

How Long Has Graham Gano Got?

Graham Gano is among the easier scapegoats for the debacle that is the 2011 Redskins.
Gano, who-last season was the worst kicker in the NFL statistically and has had more kicks blocked or shanked this season than anybody else with his job, missed a 52-yarder with the game on the line against Dallas.
Mike Shanahan, the [...]

The Needle: Shots Fired Edition

Armed And Dangerous: The national news media got very excited Friday night, as word broke that there had been some gunshots a few blocks from the White House. Early reports made it sound like the weapon might have been aimed at the executive mansion. But quickly, it became clear that it was just a coincidence; [...]

Jason Reid Goes Ground and Pound On Mike Shanahan

Yesterday afternoon on WJFK-FM's "LaVar and Dukes Show," the hosts took a short break in between LaVar Arrington's JoePa-enabling monologues (seriously, the Penn State Board of Trustees would have removed Arrington from the airwaves if he said "He followed protocol!" one more damn time) to bring on the Washington Post's Jason Reid.
Awesome radio ensued.

Reid [...]

The Needle: Occupied Edition

Occupy This: Everything was going relatively well between the Occupy D.C. protesters and the various police agencies charged with patrolling downtown D.C.—until, that is, a car hit three protesters Friday night by the convention center, and police declined to charge the driver because he had a green light. In response, Occupiers criticized the Metropolitan Police [...]

The Needle: Taxation Without Fingerprints Edition

Your Papers, Please, D.C.: The United States is tied up in two wars, and the unemployment rate is so high that a drop to 8 percent would be cause for celebration. So naturally, Congress is turning to what's really important—making sure every senior-level D.C. government appointee has never committed "willful engagement in acts or activities [...]

The Needle: Congressional Oversight Without Representation Edition

Pretty Please: In the grand hierarchy of actions that seem like good ideas but won't actually amount to a whole lot, "starting a petition drive" falls somewhere a few levels of effectiveness behind "forming a blue-ribbon panel." Which is why we don't have great faith that a petition drive by local civil liberties groups against [...]

Mike Shanahan Coached the Losers, Right?

So, an older, second-to-last-place team loses to a younger last-place team, and that vindicates the losing coach's methods?
Funny how the winning team is being slammed in its market, while up here Coach Tanahan of the losing and now bottom-rung dwelling squad feels comfortable adopting an "I Told You So!" pose during his post-game press conference.
"People [...]