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Morning Roundup: The ‘Boring Pot Clinic No. 1′ Edition

Well, our new Web site has been live for more than 24 hours now—plenty of time for you to have decided what you like, what you hate, and what you really, really hate. So let us know. We might even listen!
Are you excited for our Best of D.C. 2010 issue, out in print tomorrow? Pick [...]

Morning Roundup: Suck It, Chris Matthews Edition

CHRIS MATTHEWS PLAYED HARDBALL last night with the District, pounding Fenty like back-to-back snowstorms. D.C., said Matthews, has "the weather of Buffalo with the snowplowing capability of Miami." LL dispatched Matthews nicely last night; for a more nuanced take check out yesterday's Kojo NnamdeNnamdi, on which I heard DDOT head Gabe Klein remind people that [...]

Morning Roundup: A Pickup Truck, Pot, and a Mercedes-Benz

Good morning, City Desk. Unless you're a Democrat. If you're a Democrat, it is not a good morning at all. If you're a Democrat, the world has pretty much ended. A Republican has been elected to fill the vacant Senate seat of the late Ted Kennedy. A Republican with a pickup truck! A pickup truck [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Post-Food Coma, Black Friday Edition

Morning, all (I've given up the Mike Riggs drawl; you can find it over on his Arts Desk roundups). Are you still in a food coma? Well, get up! Get over it! It's Black Friday!
Today is the day when people get trampled to death at retail outlets in America in the rush to save money [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The “Freedom Is Dead, Friday the 13th” Edition

Mornin', y'all! Welcome to ex-Freedom Friday! As Mike Riggs, your favorite freedom-lover, reported last week, he is no longer doing City Desk's Morning Roundup on Fridays. And that means only one thing: Freedom is dead.

An “Absolutely Stunning” Way to Build a Movie-Poster Blurb

The Way We Get By is almost certainly a marvelous movie, at least judging from Mike Riggs' review, which ran in our Silverdocs issue (6/12). The producers of the movie liked Riggs' review so much they excerpted it on their movie poster, an excerpt of which you can see above. Interesting thing about that review, [...]

Mike Riggs for CEO

Our wacky company. Jesus, our wacky company. Today was the day a judge in Florida was due to decide how best to conduct an equity auction next month that'll presumably end our company's nearly yearlong journey through bankruptcy. She kind of punted.
But: Talk about burying the lede! Following the ruling, Creative Loafing CEO Ben Eason [...]

It’s the “Apartment Building Inaugural Ball”

Though I'm no inaugural historian, I'm just going to bet that the following scenario has never played out before in the history of Jan. 20ths:
Some people who live in an apartment building finish the holiday season with some extra wine that they never cracked. They look at the calendar, see that the inauguration is coming [...]

OMG, New Sexist Podcast!

Head on over to the Sexist, dear readers, for a delicious Five Minutes (bordering six) You'll Never Get Back, during which Amanda Hess and Yours Truly talk about gay marriage, election-inspired Craigslist hook ups, and gender bias. Also: Intern Bobby asks Democrats how they'll make peace with the lose–er, Republicans (Hint: it ain't happenin'.)