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Video: Tattooed Activists Speak Out, Show Off Their Inked D.C. Pride

We've already shown you some pictures from Tuesday's Flags in the Flesh rally in Dupont Circle, where D.C. residents met to show off their D.C. flag tattoos and speak out for voting rights. We also chatted with a few of the organizers and attendees, including former D.C. Council candidate and community activist Bryan Weaver and [...]

Welcome to Our Strife, Tattoo

Many a District resident is willing, on petitions and in online comment boxes, to voice support for D.C. voting rights. But does your passion run deep enough to ink it on your skin?
Several score of people gathered in Dupont Circle earlier this evening to prove they would go so far in demonstrating pride for their [...]

Pennsylvania Avenue By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Settling on the latest strategy for highlighting the District's lack of voting representation in Congress was easy: The D.C. Council wants to rename the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
Figuring out what to rename the street, though, may turn out to be a little harder.

City Says Anti-Statehood License Plate Frame Is Indeed Illegal

An update to the anti-statehood license plate cover City Desk told you about on Thursday! In the situation of our BMW driver on Capitol Hill who isn't apparently all that jazzed about the notion of D.C. statehood, a spokeswoman for the city, Kate Stanton, tells us that this particular cover is indeed illegal. It's technically [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Pesky Montanans Edition

Good morning, Washington. It’s that same old feeling outside today: hot and humid with a chance of showers and t-storms in the evening. Perhaps the weather is to blame for the District’s sluggish job growth.
The Examiner reports D.C. speed cameras are hauling in a record amount of money from careless drivers. And it just so [...]