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Super-Recruiter Locksley Trying to Lock Up Another Local?

Albuquerque could get a new football stadium soon: The prepophile website reports that Good Counsel quarterback Zach Dancel just got a scholarship offer from the University of New Mexico.

Superhero D.C. Recruiter Mike Locksley in More Trouble in New Mexico

So maybe there's more to college coaching than recruiting?
For years it was agreed that nobody was a better college recruiter than D.C.'s own Mike Locksley. He was responsible for developing a pipeline of gridiron talent from the District to whatever school hired him as an assistant. Two examples: When Locksley was at Maryland, he landed Dunbar's [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Vinny Cerrato and Dave Donovan, the Ames Mafia?

Special Jury Duty version of Cheap Seats Daily! As I'm finishing up this latest load upstairs at the D.C. Superior Court, the house video system is playing the Ken Burns baseball documentary, the one that's run on PBS several days a week at all times of day throughout the last few decades.
Today the courts are [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Fanimosity Rear Its Covered Head at FedExField This Weekend?

Has Dan Snyder figured out how to hold events at FedExField?
Well, special correspondent J.P. Szymkowicz says that while he can't vouch for everybody, his U2 experience was uneventful, other than the show itself.
Szymkowicz says he left DC via Metro at 3 p.m. yesterday and arrived at the Morgan Boulevard station quickly and without any problems. [...]

Vontae Davis Says Coach Locksley’s DC Pipeline Will Reach Albuquerque

When I spoke with the NFL's Davis brothers, Vernon and Vontae, before last weekend's youth football camp at their alma mater, Dunbar, they confirmed that they decided where to go to college because of Mike Locksley. He's the DC native and former Maryland and Illinois assistant coach who gained renown by developing a pipeline of [...]

Football’s Davis Brothers Put on a Clinic

DC's own Vernon and Vontae Davis, the 3rd set of brothers ever to be drafted #1 in the NFL, will come home to put on a free youth football clinic this Saturday at their alma mater, Dunbar.
Along with being Exhibit A on how much gridiron talent can be found within the underappreciated DCIAA, the Davis [...]