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Former Gray Speechwriter To Lead Huffington Post

Huh. City Paper alum Mike DeBonis notes that the new top editor at the Huffington Post is one Jimmy Soni, a 26-year-old former speechwriter for Mayor Vince Gray who worked in the mayor's office until April of last year.

Wishful Thinking: New Year’s Resolutions For Local Newsmakers

City Paper alum Mike DeBonis has some suggested New Year's resolutions for local newsmakers at the Post. Worth noting is the one for the city's cab drivers, since fare increases and taxi modernization are sure to get quite a bit of ink next year:
City taxi drivers: Hire an accountant. A new taxicab industry reform proposal backed [...]

More On The Cab Fare Increases

The D.C. Taxicab Commission held a hearing today to discuss a proposal from an independent driver who suggested that fares be raised from $1.75 to $2.50.
City Paper alum Mike DeBonis tries to quell the rising panic about the fare increase by pointing out that there's plenty of opposition, and even those in favor of fair increases [...]

Adrian Fenty’s Go-Go Anthem

The big news this morning in D.C. politics came courtesy of the Post's Mike DeBonis: Adrian Fenty, our go-go-loving mayor, now has an official theme song.
"Five for Fenty," by Stinky Dink, is Ron Moten's latest effort to boost his pal's q-rating with musical outreach. It'll soon be blaring at "all the clubs, all the the [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Better Drinking Through Advertising

Thirsty on this cloudy morning? How bout a nice tall glass In response to the waterborne lead crisis, the District's Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) is ushering in a "new era" with a new name and new logo. WaPo's Mike DeBonis reports the agency is rebranding itself "D.C. Water," at a cost of around $160,000 to [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

As proof that the Post can be stuffy
They're turning DeBonis less scruffy
Goodbye Sally Quinn
And hello, Mike's chin!
His hair and her column…both fluffy
Why stop, here's another cheap shot:
So how 'bout those numbers Vince got?!
The data provided
Counts just folks "decided"
And what does that mean? Not a lot
This race needs a little more heat
But now it at least [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Pocahontas in Chains Edition

Good morning, Washington! Today’s Wednesday, the second day of June, and the air still sucks. A Code Orange air quality alert has been issued, so don’t go outside today, folks. Stay in and enjoy the air conditioning.
Prosecutors are scrambling for an answer in the Robert Wone murder trial, now pointing their clumsy judicial finger at [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: The Return of Cheap Seats Daily!

So I stop typing for a few months to dote on an infant and...EVERYBODY LEAVES! I just looked at the City Paper masthead. It's at half-mast, for crissakes! Sayonara, Loose Lips. Et tu, receptionist? Oui. And oy.
Two of our best and brightest debarked for, a startup that introduced itself with a [...]

Weekend in Review: You’re Making Me Blush

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli just won't let anyone get sexy, will he? First, he wanted state universities to end discrimination protections for gay people, and now he's even making Roman goddesses more modest.
The Virginian-Pilot reported Saturday that the seal on Cuccinelli's staff pins is different from the one usually used by the state. While [...]

Farewell, LL

Did anyone hear all that noise on City Desk from about 8:40 this morning to about 2:48 in the afternoon? No? Well, that's the sound of Loose Lips columnist Mike DeBonis leaving the paper. We'll miss Mike. You can read his final column here, in which he surrenders the initials "LL."
Photo by Darrow Montgomery

Michael Schaffer is New Editor of Washington City Paper

Life is coming full circle for best-selling author Michael Schaffer. "The first story I wrote at Washington City Paper, I was living with my parents at the time," he says. "I think I'll be staying with them again during this transition, although I better ask them first."
The 36-year-old D.C. native and City Paper alum, currently living in Philadelphia, was [...]

Weekend in Review

Well, it took a few days, but the opinionmakers over at the Washington Post came up with some impressions on how D.C. public schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee handled herself at a pivotal Thursday hearing before the D.C. Council. Here's the WaPo editorial board, which hardly interrupts its yearslong standing ovation of the Rhee regime:

Cheap Seats Daily: Will Prague Spring for Redskins Fans Survive Snyder’s Jack-Booted Thugs?

David Alprin had his anti-Dan Snyder artwork, or whatever you want to call the above paper plate thingee, confiscated at the gates of FedExField two weeks ago.
Alprin's a longtime Skins season ticketholder and was one of many fans who wanted to make a statement about the state of the franchise.
He'd stayed up late the night [...]

Editorial Bastards at Crafty Bastards

Have you ever wanted to punch any of us in the face? Tomorrow's your big chance! Here's the schedule for ed-staff appearances at the City Paper booth for tomorrow's crafty fair.

Loose Lips Update: Anthony Williams Speaks!

As Loose Lips roamed the stone platform that is Freedom Plaza, he spied various D.C. politics stars of yesteryear. There was Kevin Chavous, the dashing former Ward 7 councilmember. And over there was Sandy Allen, the folksy former rep from Ward 8. And unmistakable in his Nats cap and bow tie was Anthony A. Williams. [...]