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Priority Playbook Delivery

The federal Washington types who read Mike Allen's Playbook email from Politico every day live in a status-conscious world. As the New York Times Magazine reported last year, Allen personally emails the daily political tipsheet to 3,000 people each morning using Outlook; another 25,000 or so subscribe through the Politico site and get a different version [...]

This Is the Book of Affliction

The hot new book in Washington circles this spring isn’t a policy tome, or a government exposé; it’s Our Haggadah, the Passover story as written by Cokie and Steve Roberts. The journalist power couple, both mainstays of NPR and Sunday morning shows, combine a memoir of their rise to elite status with a guide to telling [...]

Politico Celebrates Politico

Around the District last night, it wasn't hard to find somewhere to go watch election returns filter in. Local Democrats gathered at Love. National Democrats, for some reason, had a fancy party downtown; second-hand reports made clear it was only the place to be if you were required by your job to be there, and [...]

How Google Used Mike Allen to Zing Facebook

The text ads that run every day in Politico's Playbook tend to fall into one of two categories.
There are the general "We're an honorable business!" messages, run by corporations like Microsoft ("we're committed to providing the technology people need to live and work creatively and productively"), McDonald's ("when we reduced the trans fats in our [...]

Albritton Advertising Runs Amok!

Monday was, indeed, an exciting day to toil away in the unique salt mine that is the D.C. local media world; across the Potomac in Rosslyn, the crew at TBD got into the game after months of Twittering. Besides their new website, TBD also took over the name and iconography at NewsChannel 8, the 24-hour [...]