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IX! IX! IX! Are Girls Getting a Fair Shot at Sports in D.C. Schools?

Every weekend of last field hockey season, Jordan Fingerhut and another student from School Without Walls spent around four hours lining and patching up Francis Field, a West End park about a mile from their school, where their club field hockey team has played since its founding in 2011. Between games, residents treat the field [...]

District Line Daily: Hairy Situation

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D.C.'s subculture for "bears"—gay men who are hairier and larger than average—is booming. But can a [...]

Courtland Milloy Not Always Opposed to Racial Attacks

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy's trolling game has seen better days. Once, he branded a whole set of Washingtonians as myopic little twits, but he spent much of 2012 reheating accusations about The Plan.Where was the old Milloy, who so enraged everyone?
Fortunately, the Pigskins' playoff loss, caused by the team's racist name in his telling, [...]

Did Harry Jaffe Ghostwrite Michelle Rhee’s Book?

Radical, the memoir by former D.C. Public Schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, doesn't come out until February, but it's already received its first negative review. My colleague Alan Suderman, working from an advanced copy, slammed the book for everything from Rhee's lack of self-reflection to her cartoonish description of Marion Barry.
Rhee might not be the only [...]

District Line Daily: Rules for Rock

A morning roundup of news, opinion, and links from Washington City Paper and around the District. Send tips and ideas to
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Washington City Paper hits the streets this week, and you'll want to read this week's cover. [...]

The Needle: A Machete for D.C. Soccer

Hack the Planet: Washington Post polls aside, not everybody wants Vince Gray to resign. Just take a look at new site, a pro-Gray website registered by D.C. Latino Caucus founder Franklin Garcia. So far, the site's petition in support of Gray has seven signatures. +2
Jungle Work: Presumably inspired by Michelle Rhee's famous TIME broom [...]

Courtland Milloy: You’re Still Myopic Little Twits

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cupcake ATM, Post columnist Courtland Milloy's back on the warpath. Once again, he's mad at the District's amenity-loving, Fenty-cheering yuppies—in other words, the "myopic little twits" he named in a 2010 post-election column.
The twits are enjoying Vince Gray's misfortunes, and Milloy [...]

Post‘s Bill Turque Trading DCPS for Presidential Campaign

In a sign of how much sleepier the D.C. school beat has been in the post-Michelle Rhee era—or how strapped the Washington Post is for resources—ace Post education reporter Bill Turque is leaving Local to cover the presidential campaign.
"My view is that while the post-Rhee days may lack the drama 2007-10, there remains no [...]

D.C. Court: Assign Judges To Fired Teachers

Hundreds of teachers who were terminated under policies instated by former Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee will finally be getting a chance to appeal, reports the Examiner:
The District's highest court ordered the D.C. Office of Employee Appeals to figure out a way to resolve delays in assigning judges to outstanding cases within the next 20 days.
The agency [...]

The Needle: Swagga Like Us Edition

99 Problems But a Motorcade Ain't One: Turns out the list of celebrities who've gotten police escorts through the District doesn't begin and end with Charlie Sheen and Fran Drescher. Internal Metropolitan Police Department records show Jay-Z and Bill Gates have also sped through D.C. with flashing lights. Gates' escort cost $445.68, and Jay-Z's cost [...]

What Should We Rename Pennsylvania Avenue?

They've tried civil disobedience. They've tried legislative maneuvering. Now D.C.'s frustrated statehood activists are threatening to employ a new tactic: Cartographic sabotage.
D.C. Council member Michael Brown is holding a meeting this evening at the Wilson Building to ponder renaming the stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue NW in front of the city government's headquarters. The idea is [...]

The Needle: Friday Is Better Than Monday Edition

Reading, 'Riting, and Punching: Now this is education reform: A teacher at the Rock Creek Academy punches a student in the mouth, knocking out a tooth, after the student tries to grab his hat. The teacher, Joe Coleman, was charged with assault. No word yet on what Michelle Rhee thinks of the whole thing. -2
Off [...]

ACLU Demands Investigation Into Search Of Special Needs Students

Joram Regis, principal of the Prospect Learning Center, a D.C. public school located in Capitol Hill that focuses on special-needs students, developed a string of get-tough ideas to keep his students and teachers in line.
Regis routinely held afternoon faculty meetings in the school's auditorium. These often turned into one-man bitch sessions, in which Regis would [...]

The Needle: Rhee-building Edition

Reading, 'Riting, 'Rithmetic and Web Design: We're beginning to get the sense that maybe, just maybe, Michelle Rhee's resignation announcement this morning wasn't a last-minute decision on her part. A few hours after appearing with Almost Mayor Vince Gray and Still Mayor Adrian Fenty, Rhee unveiled a new website, Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated [...]

The Needle: Would You Like Bombs With That? Edition

Do You Have a Reservation, Mr. Bin Laden?: Sure, those sneezeguard salad bars are a dismal way to dine. But you didn't realize they could literally kill you—until now. Inspire, the magazine published by Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (the Yemeni branch of the international terrorist conglomerate), suggests "a random hit in a crowded [...]