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DeNeen Brown in the News!

Washington Post stylist DeNeen Brown has always been one of this weekly's great obsessions. We've written about her overwriting; we've written about her bad reporting; and we've given her a handclap or two when one of her daring literary devices works as planned.

Don’t Stand in the Hope Obama Leaves Behind!

DeNeen L. Brown: RAW! Fans of Brown's idiosyncratic style can head to the Post's "44" blog to read the Style writer's description of Michelle Obama serving food to the homeless. This time, though, there's apparently no copy editors throwing their wet blankets on her experimental prose. And it's just like reading a typical Brown column, [...]

Former City Paper Editor Howard Witt Still Casting an Idolmaking Spell

There he goes again.
For all intents, former City Paper editor Howard Witt put Ty'sheoma Bethea in the presidential box next to Michelle Obama for last night's unauthorized State of the Union address.
Witt met Bethea while reporting on the schools in Dillon, S.C. His discussions with the youngster, who attends a rundown middle school that Barack [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Food Fights & Snapdragons

*U Street Girl comments on the fight at Cardozo High, in which 16 students were arrested, 15 injured, and 5 hospitalized after a cafeteria fight between several girls.

Adrian Fenty Lunches With Michelle Obama

At Georgia Brown's. So says Reliable Source.
Seriously, Georgia Brown's?
Dunno if that was your idea, Mr. Mayor, or yours, Mrs. First Lady, but you both need some better culinary counsel. I mean, how much more Clintonian can you get?
LL thought this was a new day for America!
UPDATE, 4:45 P.M.: Apparently GB's was the Fentys' idea. Jill [...]

Michelle Obama Wears Another Dress By a Cuban Designer

Clifford Pugh, a colleague from my old Houston days, writes in his Cliff Notes blog today that Michelle Obama's glittery, eye-catching gold dress was designed by Isabel Toledo, a Cuban-born American designer who once tried to inject a more modern style at Anne Klein, where the designer used to work.
"Her choice continues a penchant for [...]

Michelle Obama on 60 Minutes: “We Can Have an Impact in the D.C. Area”

Whoa. Michelle Obama, on 60 Minutes tonight, went out of her way to mention that she and her husband plan on getting involved in local D.C. issues (and, in one of those minuscule, easily overanalyzed signifiers, she did say "D.C.", not "Washington").
The mention came in response to a question directed at Michelle Obama by Steve [...]

Our Morning Roundup

* It's not just for Republicans anymore! Michelle Obama wears fabulous, egregiously expensive jewelry, too. [via Wonkette].
* DCist Sommer Mathis cries foul on $9.95 plus shipping for a newspaper (don't even get her started on the special election issue sweatshirt). Commemorative hand towels of DCist's official declaration of election newsprint hype blog post coming [...]