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Morning Roundup: The “Let’s Ignore Reality” Edition

In all likelihood, we will spend this evening stuck on the Metro, sardined between a sharp umbrella and a musty-smelling parka, so instead, let’s picture ourselves in Waimea Bay—where hot surfers are grappling with 30-50 foot Pacific waves in the epic Quicksilver surf competition. Feel better? I don’t either.
I bet on the north shore of [...]

District Limerick: Salahi Thursday

A week after guards were deceived
An invite, of sorts, they've received
They say at this hearing
They won't be appearing
A plan that has Thompson (D-Miss.) quite peeved
An invite might seem a formality
Not so, it turns out, in reality
To slip by a sentry
Is false pretense entry
What's that, do I smell illegality?

Our Morning Roundup: The “Yogis Fight Back” Edition

This morning’s roundup is dedicated to those barking underdogs: the tyrannized standing up to the tyranny, the teens throwing pumpkin pies at the teachers, and, um, the yogis fighting for freedom of speech? Three yoga teachers in Virginia are filing a lawsuit questioning the constitutionality of  imposing license requirements on teacher-training programs. They argue that [...]

Weekend in Review—Comma Edition

It was at the very end of an A1 story in the Washington Post. It would have been just another quote, another sound bite that wouldn't have made a difference. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty, after all, tosses out throwaway quotes all the damn time. You know how that goes: We're just trying to do our [...]