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Michael Steele Visits Howard, Gets Heckled, Heckles Back

Michael Steele wasn't exactly feeling the love last night at Howard. A group of young black Republicans at the historically-black university hosted the first African-American chairman of the Republican National Committee on his so-called "Freedom Tour," a series of town hall meetings on health care and other topics of the day. Yesterday, those topics included [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Cloning Bin Laden

*THE BLOGOSPHERE REACTS: Arlen Specter (R-PA D-PA), facing a strong 2010 primary push from Republican congressman Pat Toomey, switches parties, giving the Dems a quasi-60-seat presence in the Senate. This has the 'sphere all riled up. For some spirited commentary, visit Robert Stacey McCain's  blog ("Specter reminds me of the high-school slut trying to sleep [...]

Our Morning Roundup: The Power of Rush

Good morning City Desk readers, and happy Freedom Friday. Before we get started, I'd remind you all that John Pinette performs this weekend at the DC Improv, Cool Papa's Party run for just one more week at MetroStage, and David Plotz–former Washington City Paper man and current editor in chief of Slate–reads from and signs [...]

Michael Steele: D.C. Vote an “Important Civil Right”

Michael Steele, chair of the Republican National Committee, expressed full-throated support this afternoon for the D.C. House Voting Rights Act and said he was gratified that the bill passed cloture earlier today. He was buttonholed by LL as he entered the Senate wing of the Capitol with former Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman.
"I think it's an [...]

Michael Steele Is Our New Sarah Palin

I have been trying to figure out Michael Steele for the last week or so. Every since he won the RNC's top job that has meant more TV chat show appearances where he talks up tax cuts and talks down Obama. He just doesn't sound that smart. Yesterday, Steele told a Politico reporter that Obama's [...]

RNC Chair Vote: Steele Within Striking Distance

Republican honchos from across the country are gathered today at the Capital Hilton to pick the next chair of the Republican National Committee. Now usually LL would have no interest in this, except that D.C. native and former Maryland lieutenant governor Michael Steele has mounted a strong bid for the seat.
All three voting members from [...]