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The Needle: Coyote Ugly

Coyotes on the Loose: Wild dogs aren't the only animals stalking through the suburbs—coyotes are, too. The coyotes have attacked pets in both Maryland and Virginia. -1
Mystery Man Denounces Douches: Take a look at Complex's list of D.C.'s douchiest bars and debate away, but know this: Author Simon Cosart doesn't exist. Apparently, the magazine uses [...]

Our Morning Roundup: When It Comes to Phelps, Only Bad News Matters

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another Freedom Friday! How about this "heat wave," enh? ENH?
Michael Phelps, Olympiad and hero to long-necked people everywhere, crashed his Escalade in Baltimore last night. To give you an impression of how bad the accident was, here's WaPo's headline: "Phelps Uninjured in Two-Vehicle Crash." There wasn't enough [...]

Are We All Swimming in a Sea of Pee?

A report on Fox 5 news last night opened with footage of folks at an unnamed swimming pool, then a voice-over started cataloging all the dangers you risk by wading in the water, starting with bug bites and sunburn and total body paralysis, before getting to the really bad stuff.
"One out of 5 Americans admitted [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Caps and Zimmerman Live Another Day

That's how Caps' play-by-play man Steve Kolbe ended his awesome call of David Steckel's game winner last night from Pittsburgh.
Nothing like OT playoff hockey on the radio.
The game started lousy for the eventual winners. At the end of the 1st period, with the Caps down 1-0 and [...]

Bushies Still Burning Over Burning Bush

The Washington Times has a great story about DEA leftovers from the Bush administration still going after medical marijuana despite the new president's stated desire that the federal government stay out of the way in these matters.
Pot is legal for sick folks according to state law in California. But DEA agents have been on a [...]

Michael Wilbon Heard the One About the Gold Medalist and the Bong — But Didn’t Laugh

Michael Wilbon answered yesterday's Sally Jenkins' column that made light of the Michael Phelps scandal.
Wilbon's piece attempts to slam the bong-sucking swimmer.
Wilbon's been the hardest-working superstar in sports newspapering for a while now. But if his latest column were a Goofus and Gallant panel, Wilbon would own the Goofus role the way Olivier did [...]

You Hear the One About the Gold Medalist and the Bong?

Sally Jenkins makes fun of pot smoking in her Washington Post column today.
As she should: Pot smoking is funny. Pot smoking a punch line in every movie or sitcom dealing with adolescence. On That '70s Show, pot smoking is practically a character.
All Jenkins' one-liners about pot smoking make the Post Magazine story about a SWAT [...]

Michael Phelps’ Wet Chin and the Sweet Vindication Thereof

When I first moved to New York and got a job at Spin in 1995, my best friend in the office (and one of my closest friends now) was a guy named Jeff Rotter. Jeff had a trick he called "The Wet Chin"—he'd go into the bathroom, put enough water on his chin so it [...]

Nats MVP: Chico Harlan

If Barry Svrlugla's reward for covering the Nats last season was to be the lead reporter on all things Michael Phelps, Chico Harlan deserves a front-row seat at the Second Coming. Since taking over from Svrluga earlier this season, Harlan has ably covered a team that is now re-threatening 121 losses.* Moreover, Harlan has reveled [...]

Wired: No Bigfoot Body at Press Conference

The hunt goes on. Two days ago, Eric Wills reported on City Desk that Manassas, Virginia Bigfoot researcher William Dranginis was "highly skeptical" that Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer of Georgia had a real Bigfoot body in their possession. Good call. Wired reports that yesterday's much-hyped press conference came and went without a corpse to show.
At this point, all signs appear to [...]

Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps (A Restaurant Week Blog Item)

Dino in Cleveland Park (3435 Connecticut Ave., NW) is, like, the Michael Phelps of Restaurant Week, truly unbelievable and smoking the competition. Really, you say? Can Dino be that good? Can Dino be completely and utterly peerless?
Tell me about the menu: Everything's on it, Phelps Phans, not just three paltry dishes for each course. The [...]