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Vote This Way on April 3 (Continued)!

In D.C. politics, two events are fast approaching: April 3, the day of the primary elections, and whatever future date the plummeting poll numbers of D.C.’s troubled political class finally hits zero. You can’t stop the calendar, but election day might represent an opportunity to turn around the dismal view most people have of their [...]

The Needle: Power to the Powerful Edition

Send Me To Jail!: Merely getting arrested for D.C. voting rights doesn't really get you that far in a local election anymore; these days, it's more like the cost of doing business in politics. But Pete Ross, a candidate for D.C. shadow senator, took things a bit further by demanding jail time for a civil [...]

Know Your Browns!

The Needle: Michael Brown Edition

This Guy Isn't the Michael Brown You Think He Is: Politics is often a game of playing to the lowest common denominator. Voters in a series of D.C. straw polls are attempting to demonstrate exactly how low. Incumbent At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson lost a straw poll last night in Ward 5 to Michael D. Brown, [...]

Voting-Rights Funding Again Goes to D.C. Vote

Earlier this month, as LL reported, the city gave a $150,000 grant to D.C. Vote to promote voting rights and statehood, only to take it back when it was discovered that several grant-seekers were excluded from the judging due to a technical error.
The re-do is complete, and surprise: The Office of the Secretary announced today [...]

City Awards Voting Rights Grant, Takes It Back

This year, the District of Columbia has budgeted $150,000 "to be awarded competitively to one or more organizations with a history of supporting DC voting rights."
Back in January, the Office of the Secretary, charged with running the competition, announced it was taking grant applications. And on Feb. 26, a press release announced that DC Vote [...]