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Soda Ban Popular With D.C. Council Candidates

If most of the candidates for an at-large D.C. Council seat get their way, a New York-style ban on large sodas could be in Washington's future. When asked at the Ward 3 Democrats debate last night, a majority of the seven candidates said they supported enacting a ban in the District on sodas larger than [...]

Spitzer to Fenty: A $1,000 Campaign Donation

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty's massive re-election fundraising drive has brought unsurprising results–a boatload of money from the business world (especially real estate developers) along with some smaller chunks of cash from ordinary folks. As of July 31, $2.7 million.
One contribution, though, sticks out among the lawyers and executives: $1,000 from "Spitzer, Eliot" at "985 5th [...]

Which Smurf is Adrian Fenty?

From this week's New Yorker profile of Michael Bloomberg, by Ben McGrath:
Far more than Rudy Giuliani, who parlayed his symbolic role as the stoic face of leadership after September 11th into the honorary title of America’s Mayor, Bloomberg deserves the label, advising lesser cities in replicating his data-driven initiatives, like a political franchise. “They [...]

Fenty to Help Raise Money for Bloomberg

The Atlantic Coast joint fundraiser is getting to become a bit of a tradition.
On July 14, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty will travel to New York for a fundraiser for that city's chief exec, Michael Bloomberg, according to a New York Daily News report.