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Remember, Everyone…

Happy special election! Here's who and what to vote for. Find your polling place here.

A Song for Michael A. Brown

Tough loss, buddy.

Photos: Silent March for Victims of LGBT Violence

Slideshow. Columbia Heights to 17th and R streets NW. March 20. © 2012 Matt Dunn

Live Free Or Die, D.C.

The Times reports that Mayor Vince Gray and several councilmembers are heading up to New Hampshire this month to argue the case for statehood:
Michael A. Brown and David A. Catania, at-large independents, are handpicking state legislatures that will support D.C. statehood through resolutions in their chambers — beginning with their District-friendly contacts in New England [...]

The Needle: Better Draw a District Edition

Gerrymandering for the People: Census figures out yesterday meant two things—one, the decennial shock that the city's demographics changed, and two, we now know what wards need to grow or shrink as the city redistricts its political boundaries. (Alas, we also know that despite gaining nearly 30,000 residents, we will continue to have a grand [...]

The Needle: Streets A-Votin’ Edition

A Street By Any Other Name: Renaming Pennsylvania Avenue as part of the fight for D.C. voting rights seemed like a good idea. So the D.C. Council has apparently decided to rename a few more, too. A plan under consideration at the Wilson Building would make Pennsylvania Avenue into D.C. Statehood Way, and also turn [...]

Know Your Browns!

Pennsylvania Avenue By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Settling on the latest strategy for highlighting the District's lack of voting representation in Congress was easy: The D.C. Council wants to rename the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue NW.
Figuring out what to rename the street, though, may turn out to be a little harder.

The Needle: Michael Brown Edition

This Guy Isn't the Michael Brown You Think He Is: Politics is often a game of playing to the lowest common denominator. Voters in a series of D.C. straw polls are attempting to demonstrate exactly how low. Incumbent At-Large Councilmember Phil Mendelson lost a straw poll last night in Ward 5 to Michael D. Brown, [...]

Michael Brown on His First 100 Days: I’m Doing Great!

At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown recently celebrated his 100th day in office, and he let reporters today know how he thinks he's doing.
He's doing well, thanks for asking. In fact, he "SETS FRESH TONE BY WILLINGNESS TO LISTEN AND LEAD."
He's certainly been listening: Brown has made a point to show up at myriad council hearings [...]

Suspect in Shoe Robberies Worked for Council Campaigns

D.C. Wire just posted on this, but allow LL to add some details.
The suspect charged this weekend in connection with a string of robberies worked on two D.C. Council campaigns last year.
Ezra Mathis, 29, was arrested in Georgetown Saturday by cops who recognized him from a surveillance photo. According to campaign finance records, Mathis was [...]

Fenty Gets Stiff Competition from Michael A. Brown

No, not on the political front, stupid. On the technology front.
Hizzoner long ago made a name for himself as a BlackBerryholic. One for general city business, one for critical, emergency alerts from police Chief Cathy Lanier and other public safety biz; and a third! for personal stuff.
Now here comes At-Large Councilmember Michael A. Brown, [...]