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Shrinking Federal Workforce Continues to Shrink Metro Ridership

Cyclists also aren't helping ridership numbers.

Metro Approves Fare Hikes. Here’s What You’ll Be Paying.

The Metro Board of Directors approved its fiscal year 2015 budget today, which, as expected, included fare hikes on buses, trains, and parking.
The fares go in effect July 1, 2014. Here it is, in dollars and cents:

Fares will increase about 10 cents per trip, or by about 3 percent.
Short trips of 3 miles or less [...]

Rewriting The Spintastic WMATA “Report Card”

Could you rewrite Metro's "highlights" from its report card to remove the spin? Yes, you could!
Compared to the same quarter last year, Metro on-time performance remained steady or improved. Despite more planned track work and rebuilding, Metrorail on-time performance rose 0.5 percent to 89.8 percent in the first quarter. Metrobus on-time performance remained steady in [...]

Metro Pushes SmarTrip Cards In Fare Increase

The most interesting thing about the 5 percent fare increases on Metrorail and Metrobus is that it's clear Metro is trying to get everyone to use SmarTrip cards:
Metro’s base fare for rail riders would increase from $1.95 to $2.10. The maximum peak fare would increase from $5 to $5.75. The base off-peak rail fare would [...]

Metro Board Meeting On Suicide Interrupted By Metro Suicide

The Examiner's Kytja Weir notes the strangeness of a Metro board meeting about suicide prevention being interrupted by news that a man had just committed suicide at the Foggy Bottom station:
Metro staff whispered the news to each other, and some rushed out, during a presentation about suicide prevention. General Manager Richard Sarles interrupted the meeting to [...]

Most (And Least) Dangerous Metrorail Stations

The Examiner's Kytja Weir has the breakdown of crime on Metrorail stations, and lists which stations have the most and least reports of serious crimes: Assault, arson, burglary, homicide, larceny, auto theft, attempted auto theft, rape and robbery.
Most dangerous:
1. Deanwood, 67 cases
2. Anacostia, 64 cases
3. L'Enfant Plaza, 63 cases
4. Suitland, 60 cases
5. College Park, 55 [...]

Metro Customer Survey Doesn’t Want To Know What You Really Think

Unsuck DC Metro—the independent blog that serves as a running WMATA complaint tracker—says the latest Metrorail customer survey is bogus. On most questions, riders are expected to pick between the choices offered by Metrorail. Unsuck consults a pollster who responds: "It's a very obvious push poll. Useable input from customers is not the goal here as [...]

Fewer Metrorail Delays During Cherry Blossom Season

Well, maybe not fewer, but Metro is suspending track work during tourist-heavy periods in March and April:
The transit system says there will be no scheduled weekend track work on Metrorail from March 24 through April 15 because of National Cherry Blossom Festival events. On weekdays, there will be no track work during the day from March [...]

Red Line To Be Terrible Forever

At least Metrorail is admitting it. The Examiner reports that it will be at least three years before major repair work on the Red Line is complete, and that won't even be the end of delays and single tracking. Metro officials explain:
Much of the problem is that Metro has a big backlog of maintenance. The [...]

Metro, Heal Thyself

As breadmaker Mark Furstenberg pointed out in our Answers Issue this week, D.C. is still a car city. That's particularly true in the suburban swaths served by the Metrorail's red line. And at this point, the riding the red line has become a miserable experience for many. Peruse the WMATA Twitter feed, and tweets about service delays [...]

Gingrich: Metro Riders Don’t Appreciate Homeownership

In a speech at a rally for homeownership, the Wall Street Journal reports that Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich explained basic American values and managed to bash the media, people who live in cities, and people who take public transit all at once:
Those who, you know, live in high-rise apartment buildings writing for fancy newspapers in [...]

Metro Fare Increases Going To Hiring More Workers

So, to recap...
1) Metro service this year is going to get worse because of repairs.
2) Metro service may get more expensive. A lot more expensive for people who use paper fare cards. But the Post notes that Metro says that the increased revenue isn't going to toward repairs, it's just covering a budget shortfall to [...]

Metro to Raise Fares, Attempt to Kill Paper Farecards

Remember when we told you that Metrorail service was about to get worse this year because of maintenance? It's also going to get more expensive. WMATA will be pushing for a 5 percent fare increase for Smartrip card users and a flat fee for the 17 percent of customers who still use paper farecards. And [...]

Metrorail Service Is Just Going To Get Worse This Year

Don't like service on Metrorail lately? This will not come as good news, then. The Examiner reports that with great maintenance comes longer waits:
Trains also will be forced to share a single track on many weekends and weeknights. Together that means riders will have extralong waits on platforms and shuttle bus trips around shuttered stations.
Riders [...]

Metro Going After Gadget Thieves

Metro police are setting up would-be gadget snatchers:
"Snatching is a crime of opportunity," Metro Transit Police Deputy Chief Ron Pavlik explained. And Metro is giving crooks the opportunity to get caught.
Since October, cops in street clothes have been riding the system, standing around with devices held carelessly enough that a thief may try to nab [...]