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Police Say They Searched Car Where Dead Trinidad Boy Was Found

Almost 24 hours after 7-year-old Michael Kingsbury was found dead in parked Trinidad car, police say that they still have questions about how he died.
No cause of death has been determined yet for Kingsbury, who went missing on Sunday morning, Assistant Chief Peter Newsham said in a press conference in front of police headquarters late this [...]

How Did Searchers Miss 7-Year-Old Michael Kingsbury?

Seven-year-old Michael Kingsbury was found dead in a car last night, just feet from the Trinidad home he had disappeared from Sunday morning. How could police and other searchers have missed him?
Assistant Chief Peter Newsham told reporters he couldn't speculate how Kingsbury hadn't been seen in previous searches around the car, parked in an alley [...]

Have You Seen This Missing 7-Year-Old?

Police are searching for Michael Kingsbury, a 7-year-old who was last seen Sunday between 9 and 9:30 a.m. in the 1700 block of West Virginia Avenue NE.
A Metropolitan Police Department press release describes Kingsbury as a black male with a light complexion and dreadlocks, about 4’3” tall and 60 pounds. Kingsbury, who is autistic, was [...]

Police Brass Nearly Brawled At Inauguration

Every four years, the District's at the center of the world for the presidential inauguration. Revelers visit from all over the world, and Washington is put on display. It's the kind of unique event that could only be marred by, say, two high-ranking policemen lining up to trade some blows and anti-gay slurs.
That's exactly what [...]

Another Body Found in the Potomac

Between the discovery of two bodies in the Tidal Basin and another in the Anacostia, plenty of corpses have already surfaced in the area's rivers this April. Now there's another today, with the discovery of a body around 12:20 p.m., according to the Metropolitan Police Department
This time, according to police spokesperson Saray Leon, the body [...]

Brazen Youth Steals Police Car, Immediately Crashes It

Kids these days! Just when we got over them throwing rocks at buses, one of them stole a running Metropolitan Police Department cruiser this afternoon, then quickly crashed it.
In news first broken by Titan of Trinidad, an unknown juvenile stole the cruiser at around 12:30 p.m. on the 3900 block of R St. SE. The [...]

NBC Admits Police Warned Them About Bringing Ammo Magazine Into D.C.

It's been two months since D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan decided not to prosecute Meet the Press host David Gregory for possessing an illegal, unloaded ammunition magazine on Gregory's NBC show. But in a previously unreleased document, Meet the Press' lawyer admits what police have been claimed all along—that the network was advised not to [...]

Honey Bunches Of Oats: You Put Your Cocaine in There

The magic's in the mix! According to police, one group of Washington drug dealers are using a new spot for their stash: a Honey Bunches of Oats box.
Alleged cereal fans Herman Murillo and Edin Perez have both been charged with distributing cocaine. Murillo and Perez brought their cereal box to a meeting with a potential [...]

D.C. Police Seek Justice on Pinterest

Social sharing site Pinterest has long been a good place to find polka dot dresses, cocktail recipes, and flower arrangements. But now, the Metropolitan Police Department is putting something on Pinterest that you wouldn't want at your dream wedding: possible criminals!
So far, the account just has videos taken from MPD's Youtube account. MPD has posted [...]

D.C. Police Tweet Surveillance Picture of Protesters, Then Delete It

The Metropolitan Police Department is keeping a close eye on a small group of Freedom Plaza protesters. So close, in fact, that they decided to let the rest of us in on their surveillance by tweeting the above picture, presumably from a security camera, this afternoon.
"Update: A camera view of the protestors (in blue) at [...]

The Four People You Meet at an Aryan Nations Protest

White-supremacist protesters from the group Aryan Nations marched on Congress Saturday. Fortunately, they were only part of the news. There were four different types of people you could meet at the protest:
Aryan Nations Supporters: Well, not so much meet as watch from 30 feet behind police fences. From their starting point at Lincoln Park to [...]

Lawsuit Claims Police Took Camera a Day After Lanier’s Camera Rule

Remember when Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier issued a general order back in July reminding officers not to take cameras and phones from people who were filming them? Because of the whole First Amendment thing?
As if to underscore the need for Lanier's order, a day after it was issued an MPD officer allegedly took [...]

What MPD’s Condom Practice Means for the Transgender Community

Transgender individuals don’t have it easy in the District: The last time the District government studied the population, in 2000, it had a 42 percent unemployment rate, and 47 percent of the community didn't have health insurance.  To make ends meet, many end up in sex work as a last resort, transgender activist Jeri Hughes says—16 [...]

Metropolitan Police Department Admits People Can Film Cops

It's official, everybody: The First Amendment still exists. If you don't believe me, just ask Chief Cathy Lanier, whose Metropolitan Police Department issued a new general order (PDF) last week allowing people in public spaces to record and photograph police. Didn't that general order already come out in, say, 1789? No matter!
The Metropolitan Police Department [...]

Why MPD Changed Its Rules on Turbans

Last week, we noted that Sikh-Americans can now become Metropolitan Police Department officers without having to take off their turbans.
It’s a big win for the Sikh advocacy group that helped get the new policy off the ground—even though there’s currently only one Sikh-American MPD trainee, and no active Sikh officers—because it makes D.C. the first [...]