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Motorcyclist Dies After Metro Bus Crash Near United Medical Center

The crash occurred around 8 p.m. on Wednesday night.

Metro May Have Lost More Than $2 Million in Revenue During Shutdown

Additionally, on Thursday, Metro's board could approve emergency fare-reductions by the general manager.

On H Street–Benning Road, X2 Still Reigns Supreme

Riders took almost 30,000 trips in the streetcar's first 10 days.

Metro Announces New Measures to Make Bus Rides More Efficient

So you won't have to wait for the bus as long

Rock ’n’ Roll Marathon to Cause Street Closures on Saturday, Metro to Open Early [UPDATE]

Plan accordingly.

Metro GM: ‘We Should Be, At a Minimum, the Best Transit System in the U.S.’

How does Paul Wiedefeld plan to make that happen?

Metro Ridership Continues to Drop. Why?

A few theories from Metro

With Snow Expected, Metro Buses to Run on Reduced Service Tuesday [UPDATED]

See if your route is affected.

Who’s Responsible for Clearing Snow From Bus Stops?

Metro only owns 600 stops in the region.

Metro: Bus and Rail Service Back to ‘Normal’ Friday

Trains will have normal headways but most will have only six cars.

Metro to Resume All Bus Routes, With Detours, on Thursday

Gradually getting back to normal

Metro Will Have Restored All Rail Lines But Silver Tuesday, Switch to ‘Severe’ Bus Service

Your best bet is to take rail, if you can get there.

Here’s What You Need to Know About Metro Service for This Weekend’s Storm

Bus and rail routes are likely to face delays, and possibly hazardous conditions.

Metro Attempting to Improve Accuracy of Predicted Wait Times Through Pilot

A new metric would take customers' reported delays into consideration.

New Task Force Aims to Reduce Robberies in D.C.

It handles both street crime and crimes committed on D.C.'s Metro system.