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Metro Bad News Roundup: Out-of-Pocket Payments, Bad Spelling Edition

The Metro system, once a reliable point of pride for D.C.'s boosters, has had a rough few years: Safety problems, escalator outages, and rising prices have made the subway a regular subject of local griping. At times, it can be hard to keep up with the torrent of unflattering Metro-related scoops. As a public service,Washington [...]

Morning Roundup: The Strangers With Candy Edition

Good morning, folks. In case you missed it, oil's still gushing into our ocean, and the trial of Joe Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward, charged with conspiracy, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence in connection to the August 2006 murder of Robert Wone, continues today. Between knives, interrogation videos and a $1.2 million [...]

MetroAccess Driver Accused of Sexual Assault

Yet more trouble with public transportation employees being accused of crimes in the D.C. area.
WMATA says a MetroAccess driver has been arrested on charges of sexual assault. Metro Transit Police arrested Jose Del Castillo, 55, on Thursday, after investigating a sexual assault reported by a MetroAccess rider on Jan. 28 in Prince George’s County.
Castillo has [...]

Metro Shutting Down Above-Ground Service @ 1 p.m.

WMATA has just announced that it will shut down all above-ground service at 1 p.m. This includes all Metrobus and MetroAccess service. In a press release, WMATA writes:
"Metrorail trains will stop serving above-ground stations at 1 p.m. today, Saturday, December 19, due to heavy snowfall that is covering the electrified third rail, which is situated [...]