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District Line Daily: Bowser Defends Firefighters After Metro Incident

"What we know less about is that time between when our firefighters arrived there and ... when they were able to get to the train itself," she told Fox 5.

District Line Daily: Investigation Into Fire Department Response Begins

Bowser said the response time seemed "customary."

District Line Daily: Metro Incident Claims A Life

Dozens of people were hurt overall.

Dog Mysteriously Ends Up on Metro Tracks

The dog is OK.

Gear Prudence: How Can I Avoid Dating Dainty-Legged Dudes?

Love is an uphill climb.

D.C. Struggles to Keep Its Pants Up On Metro

Metro Transit Police is on the hunt for four men who exposed themselves.

Want to Pay for Metro With Your Smartphone? Sign Up for WMATA’s Pilot Program

SmarTrip be gone!

Shrinking Federal Workforce Continues to Shrink Metro Ridership

Cyclists also aren't helping ridership numbers.

The Nats May Not Like Metro Enough to Pay for it, But Their Fans Do

More than 11,000 used Metro to get to each playoff game.

Metro CEO Richard Sarles to Retire

He'll step down in mid-January.

Who’s Going to Pay for Extra Metro Service During the Nationals’ Playoff Games?

Tick-Tock. Metro and the Nats still don't have an answer.

The Needle: Public Secrets

Secrets! So many secrets.

The Needle: Sandwich Stakes

Taylor's getting cheesesteaks.

Fewer Bikes or Cell Phones Were Stolen on Metro This Year

Crime on subways and buses is at a five-year low through the first half of 2014.

The Needle: Broken Love

She Loves Me Not: The District Department of Transportation cut several "love locks" off  the Key Bridge today in the name of safety. The padlocks, which are locked to the bridge's railing, are a sort of modern version of carving your and your love's names into a tree. -2
Worldwide Metro: For a few hours today, Metro would take you [...]