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Today in D.C. History: Red Line Crash Kills 9 Near Fort Totten

On June 22, 2009, the deadliest crash in Metrorail's history occurred when two Red Line trains collided near the Fort Totten station, killing nine people and injuring dozens more.
The accident, and a subsequent National Transportation Safety Board investigation, offered a harsh assessment of Metro’s lax safety maintenance. That Monday just before 5 p.m., at the [...]

Jim Graham: Metro Board Didn’t Fail You

Councilmember Jim Graham doesn't think the Metro boardmembers should be held responsible for the Metro crash last June; the councilmember was chairman at the time of the crash. The NTSB had hammered the board; City Desk cited numerous warning signs and previous NTSB recommendations that the board ignored prior to the crash. The Examiner captures [...]

NTSB’s Metro Crash Report: Should We Blame The Metro Board?

By now, you have at least skimmed the stories on the NTSB's findings concerning the fatal Metro crash. Before we forget about the NTSB's report until the next crash, let's take a moment to debate whether we should put some of the blame on the Metro Board. The only thing the board knows how to [...]

Cocaine Blues: Loose Lips Daily

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"World Cup Roundup," "Another O.J. Simpson Expert to Appear At Wone Trial," "District Unemployment Rate Drops," "Kojo: 'What's With The Hatred of [...]

Fenty & His Cheat Sheets: Loose Lips Daily

As much local politics as humanly possible. Send your tips, releases, stories, events, etc. to And get LL Daily sent straight to your inbox every morning!
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—"Michael Price's Ex-Lover Forced To Testify At Wone Trial," "Librarian Layoffs Rattle Cleveland Park," "World Cup Roundup: Brazil Backers Blitz Bethesda Bar," "Affordable [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

For Haiti, this week was the worst
But D.C. need not be coerced
We know a good cause
Like doctors and gauze
And helping to quench growing thirst
On Wednesday, John Catoe took action
To stop his "unhealthy distraction"
The Red Line derailed
And critics prevailed
By force of their dissatisfaction
The consequence for his aggression:
A felony charge for possession
His stardom may sink
But not [...]

The 2009 Limerick Review

The year started off on the Mall
(If you weren't a purple tic thrall)
We stood there and shivered
As Barry delivered
A moment for years to recall
Come summer, nine people were lost
When train control signals got crossed
Commutes were enraging
Since Metro is aging
But fixing it comes at great cost
A self-proclaimed pol "who is moral"
Turned stalkerish after a quarrel
It got [...]

Loose Lips Quotes of 2009: John Catoe

"I truly believe Metro is a safe system."
—John Catoe, Metro general manager, June 22

Our Morning Roundup: Just When We Forgot Edition

Good morning, City Desk readers!  Remember those lovely events and people we tried to forget about in the past few years, among them press secretaries, judicial nominations, and transit accidents?  They're all back to rear their ugly heads this morning, so let's commence with the news rundown.

Yesterday afternoon, City Desk posted the latest WaPo article [...]

Photos: Memorial, Metro Crash Victims

Cochran Firm Files Lawsuit On Behalf Of Metro Crash Victim’s Family

Johnnie Cochran's awesome law outfit The Cochran Firm have announced that they're going to be playing a huge part in the post metro-crash litigation. The OJ, and noted civil rights lawyer may have passed away in 2005, but as we all know from the awesome local TV ads—his firm lives on.
Now, the Cochran firm is [...]

Rammed Train Had Been Stopped for 10 Minutes

From our correspondent-in-the-field Mike DeBonis:
Olga Bryant, who works at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, was on the rammed train this afternoon. She said that the train had been stopped for around 10 minutes and that the operator had reported that they were having some electrical difficulty. She says that the train's lights and the [...]