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Metro to Begin Monthly Power Inspections in April

The agency says it also identified 338 "non-emergency" cable locations during last week's shutdown.

Metro May Have Lost More Than $2 Million in Revenue During Shutdown

Additionally, on Thursday, Metro's board could approve emergency fare-reductions by the general manager.

Metro Attempting to Improve Accuracy of Predicted Wait Times Through Pilot

A new metric would take customers' reported delays into consideration.

Metro Board Approves Entering Contract for Second-Pick GM

Metro will formally appoint Wiedefeld in two weeks.

Metro GM Candidate Out

"The executive recruitment process to determine who will lead [Metro] remains ongoing, and discussions with candidates are actively underway."

Metro Board Spends A Lot Of Money On Lunch

Kytja Weir reports that Metro board members have been eating quite well at meetings. Sure, there aren't any $16 muffins, but the 12-member board's hot lunches average about $20 per person, and include some tasty sounding menu items that fuel the tough decision-making.
Metro's board of directors grappled one day in March with how to fill [...]

Jim Graham: Metro Board Didn’t Fail You

Councilmember Jim Graham doesn't think the Metro boardmembers should be held responsible for the Metro crash last June; the councilmember was chairman at the time of the crash. The NTSB had hammered the board; City Desk cited numerous warning signs and previous NTSB recommendations that the board ignored prior to the crash. The Examiner captures [...]

The Friday Limerick Review

Some hubbub Bill Turque has attracted
(The post that he wrote was redacted)
Give readers some credit
Acknowledge the edit!
Don't hope that the public's distracted
Now Metro's board got a new chair
And newbies with fantastic hair
But that isn't all
They've stemmed the shortfall
By adding a dime to the fare
Well, Butterstick, what a good run
Your time in D.C. is near [...]

District Limerick: The Day After

Last night, a consensus emerged
No service cuts, citizens urged
Perhaps it is time
To raise fares a dime
If hours and routes are not purged
And speaking of talk about rail
The prez wants high speed up to scale
Not in the sound bites:
D.C. voting rights
Despite what showed up in the mail

Graham On Metro Crash: ‘There Are Probably Going To Be Significant Legal Actions’

Councilmember Jim Graham, who is chairman of the Metro Board, just called in to report a few things to City Desk regarding yesterday's Metro crash. Graham mentioned that the board's $250,000 relief fund for the Metro crash victims' families. He emphasized that this is not hush money.
"We wanted to have this immediately," Graham explains. "We [...]