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D.C. Cabs Should Accept Credit Cards By End of August, Commission Says

You'd be forgiven for being skeptical after so many delays, but the D.C. Taxicab Commission voted today to require that all D.C. cabs install the equipment to accept credit card payments by Aug. 31. For real this time.
But it's not all good news for passengers: The new meters will also come with a $0.25 base [...]

DMV Inspectors Busted For Taking Bribes From Cabbies

So Bruce Johnson does this big story last night about how cab drivers are bribing DMV inspectors. The cabbies are leaving wads of cash in the hopes that the inspectors would ignore their busted tail light or broken rear-view mirror or whatever. Johnson has pictures of $20s left in taxi ash trays ready to be [...]

So Parking Meter Rates Just Doubled…

Within a few days, parking meter rates will double in various downtown locations. Double. The economy has tanked. This year we've seen increases in bus rates, Metro rides, and now meter rates. I admit I have not been following this parking meter issue at all. I was just shocked to read about it this morning [...]