Photo: National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality

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The latest local victim of the federal shutdown is the decades-old drum circle in Meridian Hill [...]

Meridian Hill Park Drum Circle Broken Up by U.S. Park Police

The weekly drum circle in Meridian Hill Park that has been a mainstay in the District since the civil rights era was disbanded by U.S. Park Police Sunday, since the park is federal land and supposed to be closed due to the government shutdown.
The drum circle started as normal at around 3:30 p.m and was [...]

Photo: Man Playing Flute

Malcolm X Park, May 19th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Man Playing Saxophone

Malcolm X Park, May 19th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Two Dogs

Meridian Hill Park, NW.  April 14th.  ©2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Twins with Hoops

Meridan Hill Park, NW.  April 14th.  ©2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Children Throwing Leaves

Meridian Hill Park, NW.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

Photos: Tweed Ride 2011

Tweed Ride Gallery.  400 Block I Street, NW.  Nov. 13th.  © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Shouting, Foaming, Advancing Edition

Proudly the Flood Comes In: American River Taxi broke the news this morning that Georgetown Washington Harbour was closed—due to floods: "Needless to say, with gtown wash harbour under water, the morning runs are all cancelled," the company wrote on Twitter. Usually, flood barriers are erected in such situations to keep high water out, but [...]

Photos: Snowball Fight, Malcolm X Park

Weekend in Review

Solid weekend, weatherwise—spring, a month or so behind schedule.
With the better weather come turf battles. This past week, Washington City Paper's sports & games columnist/resident genius Dave McKenna wrote about soccer pitches around the city, and their dwindling numbers. The piece dwelled on the situation at Malcolm X/Meridian Hill Park, that gorgeous spread of [...]

When Did Meridian Hill Park Become a Hangout for Circus Folks?

I went to Meridian Hill Park on Easter for a story about the federal government's War on Pickup Soccer. Or something like that.
I lived in Mount Pleasant for 15 years, and used to bring doughnuts and bread and coffee and the newspaper there on weekends, because it was nearby and because in the spring Meridian [...]