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Morning Roundup: “You Lie!” Edition

ANOTHER HORSE'S ASS NAMED JOE WILSON, this time a Republican, breaks decorum and accidentally says what he thinks. This is a cause of great concern! In American politics, there is a ridiculously precious conceit called decorum, which means you can Twitter a retort or pound your opponents on a chat show later, but you must [...]

Avant-Garde Driving at Memorial Bridge Circle

This morning I saw some driving that was remarkable, even by the standards of Memorial Bridge Circle, where as I've written before, I see near accidents daily.

Here's what happened:

Memorial Bridge Circle: A Victim of “Peculiarity”

Coming off Memorial Bridge onto the George Washington Parkway is enough to get anyone flustered. As Wikipedia says:
A peculiarity of the at the western terminus is that traffic already in the circle must yield to traffic entering the circle — the exact opposite of the usual rule.
Every morning I see exactly the same traffic incident [...]