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Bei Bei Went Outside

And climbed a tree.

National Zoo Announces Date for Bei Bei’s Public Debut

Bei Bei makes his debut this January.

Video: Surviving Panda Cub Shows Signs of Health, Shrieks Loudly

Mei Xiang's surviving panda cub "overall looks great," according to the National Zoo.

Zoo: Smaller Panda Cub Has Died (UPDATE)

The smaller of the twin cubs that giant panda Mei Xiang gave birth to Saturday evening, at the National Zoo, died around 2 p.m.

Mei Xiang Reportedly Uncooperative About Switching Cubs

Mei Xiang won't relinquish the larger of her two cubs, causing zookeepers concern.

National Zoo: Panda Mei Xiang Gives Birth to Two Cubs (UPDATE)

Bao Bao's a big sister.

Panda Watch: Ultrasound Provides More Evidence That Mei Xiang Is Pregnant, Not Faking

Mei Xiang could give birth as early as next week.

The Needle: Ride Round and Round

YOLO: This Virginia man successfully (?) hit all 86 Metro stations on his day off, a mission that took him 19 hours and cost $70. +1
Pigskins Predictions: Sports Illustrated's Peter King believes the Washington football team will have a new name by 2016. +3

What’s in a Panda’s Name? You Can Decide!

In the latest chapter of U.S.-China panda diplomacy, the People's Republic seems to have stomached some limited democracy: You can now vote online to determine the name of the National Zoo's beloved baby panda, which is on loan from the Chinese.
The girl cub was born Aug. 23, and following Chinese tradition, she will be given her [...]

Panda Cam: An Empirical Investigation

For a camera that just watches cute bears going about their everyday lives in human-constructed confines, the Panda Cam gets a lot of hype. The New York Times, the Guardian, and the Washington Post were just a few of the publications that chronicled the camera's shutdown demise and post-shutdown revival. (Yeah, we're guilty, too.)
But do people actually watch [...]

Baby Panda Will Survive Government Shutdown, Fate of Panda Cam Unknown

If the federal government shuts down in just a week's time, D.C. could very well end up festering in its own trash. Numerous city and federal agencies would close; so would libraries and recreation centers.
But what about the new baby panda at the National Zoo? What will happen to her?
While the National Zoo would be closed [...]

Panda Cub’s Daddy and Sex Revealed

The two-week old cub is officially a female and her panda daddy is none other than Tian Tian.
Scientists at the National Zoo revealed the results of both the sex and paternity tests Thursday morning.
The cub's mother, Mei Xiang, underwent artificial insemination twice on March 30 after attempts to have her mate naturally with Tian Tian [...]

Video: National Zoo Panda Snuggling With Her Cub

At six days old, it looks more like a naked mole rat than a baby panda, but here's a video from the National Zoo of the cub and its giant panda mom, Mei Xiang, doing cute panda things together.

The Needle: Viet-Noms

Torched Olympics: A nonprofit is pushing to get D.C. to host the 2024 Olympics, but there's so many reasons why that's a bad idea. -5
Viet-Noms: Doi Moi, inspired by the street food of Thailand and Vietnam, opens today on 14th Street NW. +1

National Zoo’s Panda Gives Birth to Second, Stillborn Cub

The newest mother at the National Zoo, Mei Xiang, gave birth to a second, stillborn panda cub Saturday at 7:29 p.m.
The panda delivered a healthy cub early Friday evening, and the Zoo reports that the first cub "continues to do well."
Zookeepers Saturday evening watched Mei on its live panda cam grooming the stillborn cub for 17 [...]