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The Needle: Navigation Edition

Fully Unloaded: The job of D.C. Council chairman just got a lot less attractive; sure, there's the $190,000 annual salary, and the ability to boss around the other members of the legislature (though admittedly, that only goes so far). But as of today, Kwame Brown no longer gets a car. Mayor Vince Gray, apparently realizing [...]

The Needle: Beatlemania Edition

Next Stop, Knoxville: The recession may, officially, be over. But consumer spending hasn't returned to normal levels—and if you needed more proof of that, the rapturous greetings with which the news of Megabus' expanded service from D.C. should suffice. The discount bus line will run direct routes from the District to Boston; Buffalo, Charlotte, N.C.; Hampton, [...]

Megabus Escalates D.C. Intercity Bus War

On the heels of the launch of a new Brooklyn-U Street bus service and new direct links between Manhattan and Northern Virginia, a different company is bolstering its intercity bus service offerings.
On Tuesday, Megabus will announce a major expansion of its service with 11 new destination cities from D.C. A media advisory issued Monday afternoon [...]