Marijuana Activists Will Demonstrate in Front of the White House Tomorrow With a ’51-Foot Joint’

They're meeting tonight to discuss final details for Saturday's protest.

Medical Marijuana Advocates to D.C. Lawmakers: Catch Up

At a Council hearing, advocates raised concerns that District laws are slow to catch up with high demand, resulting in a shortage of products.

District Line Daily: Mr. Brown Goes to Jail

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Former At-Large Councilmember Michael Brown was sentenced to 39 months in prison, a federal judge ruled [...]

The Needle: Silver Linings

Silver Linings: The D.C. area got its first glimpse of the new Metro map with the soon-to-be Silver Line on it. +1
Chronic Pain:The District has been slow moving in making medical marijuana easily accessible to patients, and as of now, only 25 people have licenses. -5

Where D.C. Medical Marijuana Stands

Fifteen years after the District voted to legalize medical marijuana, the first patients are just starting to fill prescriptions at dispensaries throughout the city. But wide access to the drug has been stymied by restrictive regulations that were designed to keep Congress from interfering with the program. Now, medical marijuana advocates are working with the [...]

The Needle: Smoke Weed Evryday Edition

Swipe Delay: D.C.'s entire taxi fleet was supposed to add credit-card readers by the end of this summer, but some services that are installing the devices can now apply for a one-month extension. -1
Pot Bubble: If you're one of the few Washingtonians who are able to legally purchase medical marijuana, you should feel good about [...]

Medical Marijuana: Better Late than Never?

After 15 years of waiting, qualified D.C. residents can now legally purchase medical marijuana. The city's first sale was made Monday night to a 51-year-old, HIV-positive Northwest resident at the Capital City Care dispensary. Regulated dispensaries have been in the works since the D.C. Council passed legislation approving them in May 2010, but the initiative [...]

Capital Cannabis: We’re Almost There

The District’s Department of Health finally released patient application forms for medical marijuana on Tuesday—the last hurdle for patients seeking the substance. Now, medical marijuana dispensaries could be open and operating as early as next week, says Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn.
It’s been a long and frustrating journey for Kahn, who founded medical marijuana dispensary the Takoma [...]

Weed Certified: D.C.’s Medical Marijuana Rules Won’t Help Everyone

The D.C. government may not be sure the pain of Kristin’s endometriosis needs to be treated, but she is. “It can be very, very sharp and stabbing, it can be very deep and gnawing,” she says. “Sometimes it feels like all of your organs are being dragged out of your body.”
The 31-year-old Eckington resident, pictured [...]

The Needle: That Smell

Not So Sweet: Georgetown Cupcake was evacuated this morning after a mysterious odor appeared in the shop. The smell was eventually blamed on a nearby manhole.  -1
Smoke Weed E'ryday (Legally): Capital City Care, one of the District's first medical marijuana dispensaries, is set to open next month and looks like a spa. Also, one of [...]

Neighbors: North Capitol Is Too Dangerous For A Weed Dispensary

The Bates Area Civic Association is opposing a proposed medical marijuana dispensary on North Capitol and O streets NW. Most noteworthy in the submission is this bit:
[...] addition to medical marijuana dispensary at close proximity to the existing services on the North Capitol Street corridor would jeopardize the safety of the clients in need of [...]

The Needle: Welcome Home Edition

All's Fair In Love And Fares: The bad news? Metro fares will go up, as planned. The good news? They might not go up quite as much as originally announced. Some new accounting based on better than expected performance has found extra money in the transit agency's projected budget, and now officials are scaling back the increases. [...]

From Housing Complex: Why Isn’t Ward 5 Thrilled About Being the Pot District?

My colleague Lydia DePillis wonders why residents of Ward 5 aren't pleased with plans to open most of the city's marijuana dispensaries there:
Such antipathy makes no sense. Concentrating marijuana production (and even sales, although that's not what these applications are for) in Ward 5 would be a boon to the area, not a blight—they're employment [...]

The Needle: Korean Subway Edition

SmarTrip Getting Smarter?: It wasn't so long ago that the only way to pay for a Metro ride was to buy a paper farecard, and the only way to pay for a single bus trip was to shove your coins into the farebox on board. But even though Metro only recently upgraded its payment options [...]

The Needle: Pot Plans Aplenty Edition

You Put Your Weed Application In There: Selling medical marijuana in the District will be risky; applicants have to sign a waiver that seems all but designed to be used as an exhibit by the U.S. Attorney in a future federal narcotics case, after all. But that didn't deter everyone—city officials allowed more than 50 [...]