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Tom Shales Doesn’t Have Any Grudges, Why Do You Ask?

What does the Washington Post have to do to finally be rid of TV critic Tom Shales? Shales took a buyout in 2006 but kept working as a contract writer for the paper. Then he quit that in 2010, via a Dennis Miller routine of a Facebook post on Washington Post Company CEO Don [...]

Bad Timing: Italian Embassy to Host Wolf Blitzer for Journalism Award

When the organizers of Italy's Urbino Press Award in D.C. looked for a reporter to honor, Wolf Blitzer must have looked like a perfect choice. After 23 years at CNN, Blitzer couldn't be a less controversial example of American journalism. And then the Boston marathon bombings—and CNN's comical misreporting of their aftermath—happened.
Blitzer spent much of [...]

Washington Post Ombudsman: Steam Punks

Just as Native Americans of the Great Plains reportedly used every part of the buffalo, the Washington Post's detractors believe that its liberal staffers can use every part of the newspaper to further their agenda. Reader comments, an upcoming paywall, even Sally Quinn—-all are grist for the Post's fellow travelers.
But are Post employees also willing [...]

Brightest Young Things Fires Serial Plagiarist Managing Editor

Brightest Young Things boss Svetlana Legetic didn't seem to get what the big deal was Tuesday when Logan Donaldson, her site's managing editor, was caught repeatedly plagiarizing articles, including large chunks of BYT's spring and summer music guide.
Legetic wrote in an email that she wouldn't ask Donaldson to resign, and lamented that the plagiarism coverage was overshadowing the [...]

Even More Plagiarism From Brightest Young Things

What's going on at D.C. lifestyle site Brightest Young Things? Just hours after managing editor Logan Donaldson was caught plagiarizing in the site's spring and summer music guide—and had the allegations shrugged off by site founder Svetlana Legetic—there's new evidence that this isn't the staff's first brush with stealing copy.
Donaldson's March 15 story on the [...]

Brightest Young Things Editor Accused of Plagiarism

Buzzy Washington arts website Brightest Young Things has been hit with a plagiarism scandal in its spring and summer music guide.
Blurbs attributed to Brightest Young Things managing editor Logan Donaldson were actually lifted from music websites, Rolling Stone, the British Telegraph, and even Wikipedia, according to American University student and former controversial NPR intern Emily [...]

Reporter: Washington Examiner Closing Local Section

The Washington Examiner told reporters it is terminating its Local section at a meeting this morning, according to a tweet from Examiner transportation reporter Kytja Weir.
OK. So The DC Examiner is closing it's local section. That means I'm in the market for a job. Any leads welcome! Kytja AT hotmail DOT com
— kytja weir (@kytja) [...]

Washington Post Launching Paywall This Summer

Say goodbye to your free news, info-leeches. The rumored Washington Post paywall is becoming a reality this summer, according to a press release the paper sent out this afternoon.
Non-paying web users will be limited to just 20 articles a month on the Post site. Post management hasn't announced yet what the price for web access [...]

Washington Post Managing Editor John Temple Leaving After Less Than a Year

Well, that was fast. Washington Post Managing Editor John Temple is leaving the paper after less than a year in the position, according to a newsroom memo sent out this afternoon.
Temple, whose latest portfolio has included the paper's digital efforts, was hired in March 2012 from Honolulu Civil Beat after previously working as editor of [...]

Country Run By Weird, Horny Men

Shows like House of Cards may make the life of a woman reporter in Washington look exciting. But according to Marin Cogan, writing in The New Republic today, in reality, being a woman reporter in Washington exposes you to weird sexual advances from creepy D.C. bigshots who seem to think the sex-for-scoops arrangements on the show [...]

Washington Times Layoffs Start Again

Washington Times Executive Editor David Jackson made good on his November announcement that layoffs were coming today, according to staffers laid off at the meeting.
Around 20 employees were laid off this morning in a group announcement, the Washington Post reports. Jackson didn't respond to an immediate request for comment. The Times is providing health benefits [...]

What If CNN Covered Local D.C. News?

The seconds after the Supreme Court issued its ruling on President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law this morning were not CNN's finest moments. The network breathlessly reported that the court had found the law's mandate for all Americans to have health insurance unconstitutional, when in fact, the court had done the exact opposite.
And while the [...]

D.C.’s Papal Picketer Has No Plans to Stop

Washingtonian has a detailed profile of John Wojnowski, who may be better known as the guy who holds signs outside Massachussetts Avenue's Vatican embassy, or Apostolic Nunciature, denouncing the Catholic Church. Wojnowski, who says he was molested by a priest in Italy in his youth, has been protesting the nunciature since 1997.
While Wojnowski doesn't show [...]

Report: Post Managing Editor Liz Spayd Takes Buyout

What's making the Post's managing editors so eager to get out? Less than five months after Raju Narisetti left the Post for the Wall Street Journal and was replaced by John Temple, the paper's other managing editor, Liz Spayd, has taken a buyout, Politico reports.
Spayd, who was named to the position in 2009, wouldn't confirm [...]

American Prospect to Stay Open for Now

After a month and a half of frantic fundraising, lefty D.C. policy magazine The American Prospect has landed more than $1.2 million in donations and will stay open.
But that doesn't mean all is well! Editor Kit Rachlis tells the Huffington Post's Michael Calderone that he's going to work with the magazine's publisher to figure out a [...]