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From The Comments: On White, Male Media Critics

My post yesterday on the whiteness and maleness of media criticism has been making the rounds (expectedly so, since the metaness of media criticism of media criticism is irresistible to the Internet), and we've gotten a number of thoughtful comments. A few people have addendums to my theory. Writes commenter Donna (emphasis added by me):
Women and [...]

Where Are The Women And Non-White Media Critics?

A hearty congratulations to City Paper alum Andrew Beaujon on accepting a gig at Poynter as the site's "new Romenesko." There, he'll be writing a media blog edited by Julie Moos that will replace the work of Jim Romenesko, who left Poynter last year and launched his own blog.
With all of the changes happening in journalism, [...]

Is Slate Growing Old?

The short answer is "yes."
But first, a disclaimer: I love Slate. Everyone I know loves Slate. I wouldn't be surprised if there were editors out there who used a writer's opinion of Slate as a litmus test for employment. Working in online media demands awareness of the gotten patriarch of web writing (hell–City Paper plugs [...]