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Promoting Self-Promotion of Myself

Sources close to Dave McKenna say I, or, um, he will be on "The Mike Wise Show" in studio on WJFK-106.7 FM at 11:30 a.m. today. That's in like 15 minutes. Hang up and listen.

Ex-Hokie Leaps from Flag Football to NFL!

Talk about rags to riches!
As we check out for the holiday, I'd like to confess being thankful to two of the nicest people in D.C. media and personal heroes, Dan Steinberg and Grant Paulsen, for making me aware of the coolest story of the season: This weekend, Macho Harris will make the jump from Fairfax [...]

The Stink From Cologne: When Jagr Wins, Do We Lose?

I'm not ready to say Ted Leonsis would rather have lost the NBA draft lottery than lived through what happened in Cologne, Germany, over the weekend: Jaromir Jagr and the Czechs whupped Alex Ovechkin's defending champ Russians, 2-1, in the finals of the IIHF World Hockey Championships.
I'm not ready to say he wouldn't've, [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Tony Kornheiser, Mike Wise, and Me?

Tony Kornheiser's acting like a bad guy with a dark heart again. Earlier this week, he went after Mike Wise on Dan Snyder's sportstalker, WTEM, spending much of his show ranting about a week-old column from Wise for no obvious reason. Kornheiser mocked Wise for wondering if the Redskins would win another game this season [...]

D.C. Police Continue To Stonewall Mendo On Rawlings Case

I'm pretty sure that this blog post's headline could be written every single day for weeks, maybe months. I wrote essentially the same headline for a blog post dated March 16 on the subject of DeOnte Rawlings. And another post a few weeks ago mentioning the issue. Back in early March, D.C. Police Chief Cathy [...]

Dressing Up for an Inaugural Ball Isn’t Priceless — It Costs About 20 Bucks

Looks like I'm going to an inaugural ball tonight.
A friend offered me tickets on Saturday.
I told him I don't own a tux — ostensibly, it's a black tie affair — and it was too late to rent one.
But my friend said that, given the state of the economy, tuxes aren't the only acceptable garb this [...]