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District Line Daily: Arts District Anacostia

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In this week's hard-copy Washington City Paper, available today all over: Anacostia could be an arts district. [...]

The Needle: Campaign Season

Door-Knocking: The at-large race has been over for a week, but mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser is already out campaigning. +1
Brainstorming: Can Greater Greater Washington come up with a better name for anti-bikeism than "anti-bikeism"? -1

Washington City Paper Is Moving to McPherson Square for a While

And now, some news about where your news is written: Washington City Paper is moving in early May from our Adams Morgan office to 1400 I St. NW.
City Paper has been at 2390 Champlain St. NW since 1993, but our building—which also houses WPFW-FM and BTN Systems—is slated to be torn down this year as part [...]

The Needle: Daily Double

Who Is RGIII?: Pigskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was a Jeopardy! answer this week, right after Bryce Harper made an appearance as an answer in January. +3
Buzzy: Soon to open in Anacostia: the Hive 2.0, an arts incubator. +1

Occupy D.C., De-Occupied

Yesterday morning, Park Service police entered McPherson Square and began pulling down tents—after making an agreement that tents, sans bedding, could stay up in protest. Lydia DePillis wrote yesterday over at Housing Complex:
Early this morning, the Park Police rolled into McPherson Square, set up barricades, took down the Tent of Dreams, distributed blue flyers describing [...]

Photo: Man Behind Banner

McPherson Square, Feb. 1st.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Occupy D.C. Still Camping, Sort Of

While Monday was supposed to be the end of sleeping and camping in McPherson square, the tents remain. According to the Examiner, the National Park Service is allowing tents to stay—they just can't have any bedding in them.
Protesters at both D.C. camps simply adjusted to the new regulations and continued on as they have before. [...]

Some Occupy Marginalia

To modest fanfare, members of the Occupy Movement in McPherson Square on Monday covered the statue of the eponymous Civil War general with a hand-painted tarp festooned with stars and dubbed the "Tent of Dreams." The equestrian statue of James Birdseye McPherson (yes, Birdseye!) was designed by sculptor Louis T. Rebisso (1837-1893), who was a [...]

Photos: Occupy Jan. 31st

Man held by NPS after trying to remove the "Tent of Dreams" tarp from the statue.

McPherson Square, Jan. 31st.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

The Needle: Doh! A Deer! Edition

Is Our Deer Learning?: Maybe it's not too late to change the award-winning designs of some of the new libraries around town. Because, apparently, the local fauna have trouble with lots of windows. A deer crashed through the plate glass in the interim library in Washington Highlands today, shattering the window; the deer had to [...]

Photos: Occupy Tent of Dreams

Slideshow McPherson Square, Jan. 30th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Photos: Occupy Alfalfa Club

Slideshow NSFW. Around 16th and K St. NW.  Jan. 28th.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Occupy D.C. Has Already Won and Already Lost

It's official: Mayor Vince Gray wants Occupy D.C. out of McPherson Square. News broke last night that Gray had sent a letter to the National Park Service requesting that the protesters be relocated to the Freedom Plaza encampment for public-health reasons.  "The most serious of these concerns include dangerous rat infestation as well as the [...]

Occupy D.C. Files Lawsuit to Block Possible Eviction

While the National Park Service has said that it has no plans to evict the McPherson Square or Freedom Plaza protesters, a lawyer for one McPherson group has filed a lawsuit that would prevent the Department of the Interior from evicting the occupiers without a trial. The Examiner reports:
The Park Service has already posted warnings [...]

Photo: Squirrel with Cookie

McPherson Square, Jan. 1st.   © 2012 Matt Dunn