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The Needle: Do You Know Where Your Pandas Are? Edition

Run Rusty Run: No one on Twitter could resist the Edward Snowden-Rusty the Red Panda parallels this morning, as news of the panda's disappearance from the National Zoo broke. Both were sought by federal agencies (the entire national security apparatus in Snowden's case, the zoo in Rusty's), both had escaped from locations that should have been [...]

District Line Daily: Stay Classy, D.C.

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This week's cover story, out now in print: Meet TV reporter Russ Ptacek, ardent opponent of [...]

Balls! Storm Takes the “A” Off USA Today Building

Hurricane Sandy's rampage continues, claiming as its latest victim an "A" in "USA" on the USA TODAY sign on Gannett's McLean, Va., building.
USA TODAY reporter Natalie DiBlasio tweeted a picture of the fallen sign, speculating whether the paper should change its name to "US TODAY or USA TODY?"
A USA TODAY rep confirms via email that [...]