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Bar Cancels “Drink Like A Indian” Event, Replaces With Free Drinks

Bad news, brohans: McFadden's has canceled its controversial "Drink Like A Indian" (sic) promotion. In an email Friday night, the Pennsylvania Avenue bar apologized, sort of:
It has come to our attention that one of our Thanksgiving events has caused some concern to our guests. The Pilgrims and Indians party, originally scheduled for Tuesday [...]

D.C. Bar Urges Customers to “Drink Like an Indian”

After McFadden's landed at the top of Complex's list of D.C.'s Douchiest Bars, I spent a little time defending them. They're OK—they're a kind of fun college bar!
Well, turns out I was wrong, because they went and did something heinous (above). No, not the caramel apple shots (although those too). DCist points out that, with [...]