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During Shutdown, Fast Food Workers in Government Buildings Are Shit Out of Luck

While plenty of furloughed federal workers are packing bars during the shutdown, flashing government IDs to snag deals on beers and tacos, another segment of the local workforce has found itself out of a job without the hope of receiving back pay, or even the dignity of being "furloughed." For the workers who staff independently [...]

Car Crashes Into Adams Morgan McDonald’s

An SUV with Maryland plates crashed into the entrance to the McDonald's at 18th Street and Columbia Road NW in Adams Morgan this afternoon. And by "crashed into," we mean "looks like it tried to drive into."
MPD tweets that two people suffered minor injuries in the crash. Police and the fire department have blocked off [...]

How Low Can LivingSocial Go? Big Mac Edition

Sometimes you just really want a Big Mac. Or five. Today, D.C. based LivingSocial is offering a deal where you can get vouchers for five Big Macs and five large fries from McDonald's for just $13. At first blush, the low price seems...silly. McDonald's is already really cheap!
But people love a deal, and more than [...]

From Young & Hungry: McRib Gut Reaction

The McRib is back and Chris Shott just ate one for you:
My initial impression: Is it really so difficult for McDonald's to make these frickin' things? The meat looks oddly similar to the McNugget, only flatter and more rectangular shaped. The toppings, including some slices of onion and a few tart pickles, don't seem that different [...]

The Needle: Have Faith in Faith Edition

Election Redux: Anyone who could read a poll (i.e., everyone but Adrian Fenty) had known for some time he was likely to lose to Vincent Gray last night. And lo and behold, he did! To find more surprising results, you had to look a little harder—for example, 1,319 D.C. Republicans wrote in a choice for [...]

Photo: Circle the Wagons

Cheap Seats Daily: Are the Redskins Using Robert Henson to Protect Zorn, Campbell, Snyder, FedEx, Etc…?

Dim WitsGate™ makes it to the front page of the Washington Post! That means the story of Robert Henson's Twittered insults of Redskins fans — calling them "dim wits" and saying they "work 9 to 5 at Mcdonalds" — occupies the same real estate where Watergate became the original -Gate!
Bottom line: Cheap Seats Daily's hype [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: A Win That Sounds Like a Loss?

Best story of the Rams game: Dim WitsGate!
Robert Henson is in a bad place right now. The Skins sub-benchwarmer used Twitter to go after home fans for booing at the game, and cast the disgruntled masses in the stands as "dim wits" and folks who "work 9 to 5 at mcdonalds."
Henson, who wasn't even on [...]

This Halloween, Don’t Dress Up as Food

Does anyone really think dressing up as a taco or a banana or a PEZ dispenser is a good idea for a Halloween costume? Halloween is all about creativity–and free candy. C'mon, folks. Use your imagination. Going as a piece of meat is just a bad idea on all fronts. Going as a walking product [...]