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Watch McCain’s Concession

FOX News’ “No Spin Zone” Mediates McCain’s Clusterfuck

The homepage of FOX News right now:
"RESULTS ROLLING IN" over what appears to be a backwoods church, followed by "McCain Wins West Va., Ky; Obama Takes Vermont."

Vegetables Against McCain

Emily Richardson, who voted in Maryland earlier today, stands outside the polling place at 19th & Kalorama Rds. NW wearing an elaborate beet costume. She's campaigning for the Obama-Biden ticket nationally and for the Statehood Green ticket locally, but mostly, she's campaigning against McCain. Richardson confirms that if McCain wins the election, she may destroy [...]

What Would Ben’s Chili Bowl Do?

Ben's Chili Bowl is an epicenter of District Obama supporters. Nearly every employee wears a button—or twelve. Everyone's expecting a clear win for Ben's favorite candidate. But what are they going to do if McCain wins? I spoke to D.C. residents enjoying their election day lunch at Ben's to find out their worst case scenarios.

Carl [...]

Pre-Election Dispatch From Richmond

Doug Sparks, a tough-as-nails D.C. lawyer, is in Richmond as part of a huge crew of attorneys that will be monitoring precincts and doing election protections tomorrow. This project got some big play in the Post a few days ago.
An Obama supporter, Sparks has been assigned to a polling precinct in Richmond. He has already [...]

McCain: This Week, Last Year

With election day less than a day away, I thought City Desk should step into the news time machine (i.e. Lexis Nexis) and take a look at what McCain was up to a year ago this week:

Joe The Plumber: Civics Professor

Obama has a former president and a former secretary of state. McCain has this guy:

Via TPM.

Post Plays Up McCain-Closing-The-Gap Theory

Today, in the Post's Trail blog, we get McCain Camp bigwig Rick Davis declaring that his candidate is set to achieve one of the greatest comebacks in election history. Coates calls BS. And we second that assessment. The story is all conjecture, theory, and truth stretching. Not a bit of evidence is cited. I [...]

McCain Camp Workers Walk Out

Via TPM. In Indiana, three dozen McCain volunteers walked out of a call center over–shall we say–creative differences. Their job was to call prospective voters and read from a script provided by the McCain campaign. But once they got a look at the script, they said no thanks and left, complaining the the prepared talking [...]

McCain Camp First To Play ‘B’irth of a Nation Card

It appears the McCain Camp was the first to play up Ashley Todd's story–before the police concluded its investigation. A top official in the campaign went so far as to provide details of the attack, including a quote from Ashley Todd's now-made-up attacker. Huffington Post reports:
"John McCain's Pennsylvania communications director told reporters in the state [...]

McCain Camp Has Its Own Tawana Brawley

OK. The headline was a little harsh. Via TPM:
"By now you've all heard about Ashley Todd, the 20-year-old McCain volunteer who claimed that she was assaulted in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night by an attacker who scratched a 'B' in her cheek after learning that she was for McCain.
The story was flacked madly last night by [...]

How Bad Is It For McCain?

The New York Times reports that several baseball players from the Tampa Bay Rays appeared yesterday at a rally in support of Obama. The players should be resting, reading up on their World Series opponents. Instead, they're hugging it out with the candidate:
"On Monday, he was endorsed at a rally in Tampa by six players [...]

The Post Endorses Obama

The Post endorses Obama. Its editorial board writes in part:

"There are few public figures we have respected more over the years than Sen. John McCain. Yet it is without ambivalence that we endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president.
The choice is made easy in part by Mr. McCain's disappointing campaign, above all his irresponsible selection of [...]

John G. Geer Approves (of) That Negative Message

For a brief moment on Friday, John McCain's campaign had an ad up on YouTube making a big noise about the non-issue of Barack Obama and ACORN. Fox News apparently had a problem with it, so it's down now, but the McCain-Palin camp is apparently still proud enough of the ad to have a transcript [...]

Hitchens Endorses Obama

Maybe he'll want to revive his column for The Nation again! Is this Hitchens endorsement a shocker? Not really when you consider the man's distaste for lies, propaganda, stupidity, and so on. He writes best when putting McCain in his place (saying what so many are at least thinking):
"But the difference in character and temperament [...]