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Jaffe Wants ‘A Strong Man In Charge’ of D.C.

I'm late on this, mostly because I don't read Harry Jaffe very often (though I may start if this is an indicator of the type of work he's producing), but tell me I'm wrong in my reading of his silly argument to re-elect former mayor Marion Barry:
I'm not even sure Uncle Vince wanted to be mayor. [...]

Gray To Stop The Expired Tag Arrests?

Sounds like Mayor Vince Gray has heard enough:
Following a letter from Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, Gray said he wants the arrests to stop for drivers whose registration has expired.
The mayor would be open to emergency legislation, which would not need congressional approval, to amend the existing law, opting instead for impounding those cars. This, like [...]

Norton Bill Would Turn the District Into A Tax Shelter

It looks like D.C. may actually be moving toward an idea proposed by an insurance commissioner from the Mayor Anthony Williams administration, and picked up by Mayor Vince Gray earlier this year: The District can serve as a tax shelter for catastrophe insurance companies that currently keep their dollars ($60 billion of them!) offshore in countries like [...]

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