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The Needle: Maureen and Willie

Reston: A great place to live or the greatest place to live?

Our Morning Roundup: Bros Icing Pols Edition

Good morning, Washington! Are you disappointed that there haven't been any D.C.-specific adaptations of the whole "bros icing bros" phenomenon? Well, We Love DC's David Stroup has you covered:

For more viral, malt-beverage-fueled hilarity, check out Alex Balk's "Bros Icing Bros And The Fate Of Humanity: A Look Back."
In more sober news, The Walk Disney Company will be [...]

Scenes from Post-Racial America: The Outburst Edition

Maureen Dowd, in yesterday's New York Times column, "Boy, Oh Boy," on Joe Wilson's outburst during Barack Obama's speech to Congress: "Some people just can’t believe a black man is president and will never accept it."

Our Morning Roundup: Birthers, Ben Stein, and the Nature of Reality

Good morning sweet, sweet, City Desk readers, and welcome to another installment of Freedom Friday! We have a new justice at the Supreme Court of the United States–isn't that exciting? Dear race-baiting Republicans: Better luck next time (kisses).
In other other interesting news, the New York Times fired its second token conservative yesterday. Ben Stein, of [...]

Real Housewives Franchise Comes to D.C.

Stop me if you already read this at DCist, but Reality Blurred's Andy Dehnart reports that
Bravo is spinning off yet another series from its Real Housewives franchise: The Real Housewives of D.C., which will be the fifth in the series....
The series will be produced by [D.C.'s] Half Yard Productions, which produced Discovery’s American Loggers. Different [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Don’t Ask About Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to a balmy addition of Freedom Friday. Last week I wrote that police in Mississippi arrested Pete Eyre, Adam Mueller, and Jason Talley of the Motorhome Diaries for filming a traffic stop. Thanks to the support of many liberty-minded folks the country over, the boys received $2,580 in [...]

Jack Shafer Throws Maureen Dowd a Bone on Plagiarism

Colleague Mike Riggs has already noted a few wrinkles in the Maureen Dowd-Josh Marshall plagiarism incident.
Putting it bluntly, Riggs says: "Dowd stole some shit and admitted it." Fair enough.
In Slate, Jack Shafer has an uncharacteristically mellow view of the proceedings. After chiding, "Bad, Dowd, bad—deserving of hard time in a pillory!," Shafer proceeds to exonerate [...]

This Just In: Maureen Dowd Can Do Whatever the F*ck She Wants

In case you missed it, Maureen Dowd flat-out plagiarized either a) Talking Points Memo's Josh Marshall or b) One of her friends, who quoted Josh Marshall in a phone call with Dowd. Either way, Dowd stole some shit and admitted it. Michael Calderone reports that it doesn't really matter. From NYT spokesperson Diane McNulty:

Weekend In Review

This weekend was all about crimes and Councilmember Jim Graham talking about crimes. There were shootings in Mount Pleasant, Columbia Heights, and Adams Morgan (that one involved D.C. Police), and a fatal shooting on 4th Street SE. Graham reported out the Mount Pleasant shooting for the listserv and bloggers everywhere. He's a better police spokesperson [...]

Our Morning Roundup: Torture, Guns, and Susan Boyle

*The Post leads with a piece on how the Bush administration had already prepped their ghastly, torture-like tactics "long before they were granted legal approval to use such methods," ignoring the advice of an Army lieutenant colonel who pointed out that a strong-arm approach "usually decreases the reliability of the information because the person will [...]