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Matt Yglesias Leaving Slate for Mystery Ezra Klein Venture

Prominent D.C. Height Act detractor (and economics writer) Matt Yglesias is leaving Slate, where he's worked for the last two years, to join Ezra Klein's new media venture, according to a Slate memo.
Klein, the soon-to-be-former Washington Post wunderkind, is ditching the paper and its Wonkblog, which he founded, to start a new project that he'll lead. The New York Times [...]

The Needle: D.C. Unhinged

Fleeting Love: D.C's own dating app start-up, Hinge, is ditching the District for New York. -2
House of Cards: This Hill staffer may have sent out the most obnoxious holiday card ever. -3

Chinatown Walgreens Delights Prominent Blogger

The fancy Chinatown Walgreens has only been open for two weeks, but already it's won its first sort-of celebrity convert: Slate economics blogger and condominium owner Matt Yglesias.
Yglesias, who seems to be writing on a post-retail high, is giddy about the possibilities of Washington's shiniest pharmacy:
Now I've seen the future, and it's name is Walgreens. [...]

Matt Yglesias Doesn’t Want You to Get a Raise

Last Friday, Slate's Matt Yglesias came up with a rather unique interpretation of labor economics, musing about "the Left's big mistake about real wages and the economy." Addressing no actual person or piece of legislation coming from the left (or anywhere else for that matter), Yglesias warns that raising the salaries of everyone in the [...]

What Should Happen to RFK Stadium?

Matthew Yglesias wants more city where RFK Stadium currently stands:
It’s striking to me how unpopular what I think the obvious and roughly correct solution is. The structure should be demolished and the empty land plus the open air parking lots should be sold to builders to build . . . whatever. An urban neighborhood with [...]

Our Morning Roundup: McWhorter, Saletan, and the Color of Performance

Good morning, City Desk readers, and welcome to another edition of Freedom Friday. We're wrapping up our Summer Music Guide as I type, and I can assure you that it's going to be a doozie–the kind of doozie you'll likely keep on your coffee table from May 15 through September 1 as a quick reference [...]

Yglesias Clears the Air on Blog ‘Hijacking’

For those of you who missed this morning's post about the debacle at the Center for American Progress Action Fund, here's a recap: Jennifer Palmieri, CAPAF CEO wrote what is now being called a guest post on Matt Yglesias' blog, clarifying CAP's position on the think tank Third Way, which Yglesias criticized on his blog [...]

Center for American Progress Action Fund CEO Hijacks Matt Yglesias’ Blog

Matt Yglesias, wonky wunderkind, ardent liberal, and self-proclaimed expert on everything, pissed off his bosses at the Center for American Progress by bashing the think tank Third Way on his blog:
Third Way is a neat organization — I used to work across the hall from them. And they do a lot of clever messaging stuff [...]