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Photos: Sumo Sunday

Sumo Wrestlers Yama, Byamba, and Takeshi, 945 Florida Ave NW, April 3rd, 2016.
More photos here.  © 2016 Matt Dunn

Photos: Capital Pride Parade

Capital Pride Parade, June 13.  More photos here.  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Photo: Stagecoach

600 Block of Madison Drive, NW, May 25th.  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Photos: Puppy Mosh at MAL (NSFW)

Puppy Mosh at Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend, 400 New Jersey Ave. NW. Jan. 17.
Full Gallery (NSFW)

Photo: Crowd Listening to Joshua Bell

Photo: Tiger

Photo: East Wing

Photo: National Moment of Silence for Victims of Police Brutality

Photo: Splash Yards

Photo: BIG Maze at National Building Museum

Photo: Priests at DC9

Katie Alice Greer from Priests, Jan. 8th at DC9.  © 2014 Matt Dunn

Chain and the Gang

Dec. 13th at Comet Ping Pong.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photo: Kirsty Little – Overload

(e)merge Art Fair, Oct. 5th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn

Photos: Dog Swim

Photos: 50th Anniversary March on Washington

More photos.  Lincoln Memorial Grounds, August 28th.  © 2013 Matt Dunn