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Photo: Girls with Tiaras

Labor Day Parade, Gaithersburg, MD.  Sept. 3rd.  © 2012 Matt Dunn

Maryland Descends Into Dog-Eat-Dog Chaos

Things are getting pretty grim in the forests of our northern neighbor. From WJLA:
A pack of wild dogs is on the loose in the St. Inigoes community in St. Mary's County and has already killed two beloved pets.
The latest victim was Gizmo the dog and there is real fear for humans as well.
As many as [...]

Prince George’s County Bag Tax Revived

Just when we thought it was dead, the Prince George's County bag tax seems to have come back to life. After three failed votes last month, the legislation was finally approved by the county's House delegation, and has headed to another Maryland House committee for approval. From there it will go to the full House [...]

Photos: Polar Bear Plunge

Slideshow.  Sandy Point State Park, Md., Jan. 28.
Photos © 2012 by Matt Dunn and Mike Hicks

More People Are Moving From D.C. To Maryland And Virginia

D.C seems to be shedding residents, at least locally—23,202 to Maryland and 10,593 to Virginia last year—while the states aren't sending as many back our way. Only about 13,503 moved to D.C. from Maryland, and about 7,915 crossed over from Virginia:
Stronger job growth and a healthier housing market in the region account for much of [...]

Photo: Woman Feeding Baby

Repticon, Timonium, MD, Oct. 9th.   © 2011 Matt Dunn

The Needle: 140-Character Humor Edition

The Funniest Fenty You'll Ever See: From the Huffington Post comes an exhaustingly detailed compilation of some of the best politics-related fake Twitter accounts. Most of the 19 nominees are big political players or national in scope, but a few specific to local D.C.—as in, not Congress—made the list. @WorkOutWemple, a parody of incoming Washington Post [...]

The Needle: Rolling Deep Edition

Potential Circulator Cuts and Reallocation Looms: The District Department of Transportation is considering whether to cut the Smithsonian-National Gallery of Art Circulator bus route in order to provide more service on the Union Station-Capitol Hill line. While it's too bad we can't have endless transit funding to do both, cutting the Mall route wouldn't drastically [...]

Semen Squirter Sentenced to Probation

The Montgomery County “Semen Squirter,” who earned his nickname by squirting semen from a squirt bottle on women at a Giant and a Michael's craft store in Gaithersburg, has now been sentenced. But he’s not going to jail.
Michael Wayne Edwards, Jr. , who was originally arrested on charges of a July 15 squirting incident, and [...]

The Needle: Stranded Without a Train Edition

Last Call, Last Train? When Metrorail's hours were expanded to better accommodate weekend warriors after midnight—first to 1 a.m. in 1999 and later to 3 a.m.—it was heralded as sign that the nation's capital was loosening its tie a bit and supporting its nightlife. Sure, it reduced the amount of time crews could perform track [...]

Photos: Polar Bear Plunge

The Needle: Ho Ho Ho Edition

War on Christmas: Federal officials are preparing to ditch the color-coded alert system that's been stuck on yellow virtually every day since it debuted in 2002. But it's always red alert near the Pentagon, which is why the discovery today of a blinking Christmas ornament in a trash can in the Metro station there caused [...]

Photos: Thanksgiving Parade

Tommy Wells Tweets Response to New York Times

In yesterday's edition, the New York Times editorial board took on Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells' residency requirement for homeless services bill.  The board called his proposal "inhumane" and suggested it was simply "very bad public policy." The board also cited the CFO which stated that Wells' bill wouldn't save the city any money. Late [...]

Photo: Country Club

Country Club, Potomac, MD. © 2010 Matt Dunn