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District Line Daily: Food Truck Wedding

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Happy Wednesday. Did you know people are getting food trucks at their wedding receptions? What's [...]

The Needle: Price Floor Fisticuffs

Uberpriced: D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh and alternately beloved and reviled D.C. smartphone cab service Uber are sparring over an amendment proposed by Cheh that would both classify Uber as a sedan service and set its price minimum at the company's current $15, theoretically blocking Uber's attempt to introduce cheaper cars.
Uber and its fans aren't happy; [...]

The Needle: Memorial Day Edition

Goodbye, Godfather: When U.S. presidents die, they lie in state in the Capitol. Now that the Godfather of the Go-Go has died, he'll lie in state, too—in a much more befitting spot. Fans will be able to wish Chuck Brown off well at the Howard Theatre on Tuesday, where a public viewing will take place all [...]

A Call To Ban (Some) Leaf Blowers

Some 200 people have signed off on a letter written by Cleveland Park email list master Bill Adler that calls on Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh to introduce legislation to ban gas-powered lawn mowers.
The problem: Gas-powered leaf blowers are noisy and polluting. The solution: Ban them.
Presumably this means gardeners would switch to the less noisy [...]

Selling The Budget To Wards 3 And 8

The Informer has a good piece detailing Mayor Vince Gray's recent town hall forums on the city budget. His messages to Ward 8 and Ward 3 were clearly targeting different audiences:
In Ward 8, Gray talked about the $53 million budget item that would help build a new Ballou Senior High School and the $16 million [...]

Cab Drivers: An Unhappy Bunch

About three hours into today’s D.C. Council hearing over two taxicab laws—the modernization act, and a bill that would add wheelchair-accessible cabs to the fleet—it occurred to me that the reason drivers are seen as such a powerful bloc is because they share one interest: Being the underdogs.
Whether it’s by the councilmembers, the hotel association, [...]

Taxi Survey: People Don’t Like D.C. Cab Service

Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh's online taxi survey garnered more than 4,000 responses, Mike DeBonis reports in the Post. Naturally, it skews toward the young and Internet-savvy (and two-thirds of the respondents say they hail a cab at least weekly), but the results aren't surprising: "93 percent of respondents favored requiring all taxis to accept credit [...]

Wishful Thinking: New Year’s Resolutions For Local Newsmakers

City Paper alum Mike DeBonis has some suggested New Year's resolutions for local newsmakers at the Post. Worth noting is the one for the city's cab drivers, since fare increases and taxi modernization are sure to get quite a bit of ink next year:
City taxi drivers: Hire an accountant. A new taxicab industry reform proposal backed [...]

Drivers Unhappy About New Cab System

At the Post, Tim Craig and Mike DeBonis note that some cab drivers aren't terribly jazzed about the proposed changes—higher fares, newer cabs, credit card machines—to the taxicab system. A group crashed yesterday's press conference about the plan to protest:
[Ward 3 councilmember Mary] Cheh, chairman of the transportation committee, said the public, including drivers, would have [...]

Why Does Gas Cost So Much?

Why are gas prices so high at the infamous Watergate Exxon? The District’s gas king, Joe Mamo, turned out for a D.C. Council hearing Friday toting a slide show aimed at answering that question—or at least deflecting allegations that his company, Capitol Petroleum Group, is to blame.
On June 12, when the Watergate station was peddling [...]

Cathy Lanier Now Making $250,000?

Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier is earning about $20,000 more than everyone thought.
As City Paper reported in April, the city's top cop got a 5 percent raise this year that brought her $219,755 salary to $230,743. That seemed like a choice paycheck, considering her boss, Mayor Vince Gray, makes just 86 percent of that haul.
But now [...]

Joe Mamo: The New John D. Rockefeller?

The robber barons are back!
Or at least, the specter of them was back this morning, as a group of ExxonMobil station operators, led by their lobbyist Bruce Bereano, called on city officials today to free them—and District drivers—from gas mogul Joe Mamo, whom the operators and their lobbyist accused of price gouging.
“You have absolutely no competition [...]

The Needle: Riggo Safari Edition

Millions and Millions: A month ago, Mayor Vince Gray’s team released their new, terrifying estimate of the budget gap facing the District in fiscal 2012: $600 million. But today, chief financial officer Natwar Gandhi declared the actual shortfall will be $312 million. The difference, apparently, is due to higher than expected tax revenue from commercial properties; [...]

The Needle: Surrender, Dorothy Edition

One City Under a Logo: An iconic image or logo can set the tone for how the world sees your brand. That's what Madison Avenue marketers tell corporate clients every day; it's also, apparently, what Mayor Vince Gray deeply believes. How else to explain the news that the District is printing up new stationary, business [...]

D.C. Councilmembers Share Your Pepco Pain

As mad as some of you might be after Pepco’s recent missteps restoring power following the Jan. 26 thundersnow event, don’t worry: some members of the D.C. Council would like you to know they are even more angry.
Speaking at public hearing of the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs late Friday afternoon, several councilmembers [...]