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Are U Street NW Restaurants “Swagger-Jacking?” Maybe, but Our Conversation Needs to Go Deeper

Are establishments like The Brixton and Busboys & Poets guilty of "swagger-jacking?" That's what Stephen A. Crockett Jr. accuses them of today on The Root D.C.—and along the way connects their allegedly pilfered vibes to broader changes in the District:
It’s an inappropriate tradition of sorts that has rent increasing, black folks moving further out — sometimes [...]

Neighborhood Watch: Bar Icing Neighbors?

The Issue: A new tavern is set to move into Ward 1–and just in time, as there's nothing better than ice and boozing after a 9:30 Club show in this sweltering heat. The American Ice Company has taken over the 2,375 square foot lot once occupied by Madden Roofing, at 917 V Street [...]

Times Writer’s Definition of “Cool” May Differ From Yours

A note on Kim Severson's New York Times article about D.C. dining, which DeBonis mentioned earlier:
Marvin has a "cool, P. M. Dawn feeling during the week"?
Listen, I understand that there are a lot of people who'd like to pretend that the past eight years never happened. Drawing a line between P.M. Dawn, the Bush I/Clinton-era [...]