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The Needle: Drum Major Edition

Turn Out The Lights: It always feels a little Christmas-y in Adams Morgan, thanks to the illuminated martini glass, music note, coffee cup, and shoe that have been hanging from lightposts in the neighborhood for the last decade. But like a tree that's dropped all its needles and needs to go out to the curb, [...]

The Needle: Fight On ‘Til You Have Won, Sons of Washington Edition

Please Remain Terrified: Those warnings about an anniversary bombing yesterday, as the nation marked ten years since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, turned out to be a false alarm, as no attack materialized. But that doesn't mean vigilance can come to an end; authorities say they'll keep on high alert, apparently just in case the [...]

The Needle: Domestic Oil Edition

That's No Oil Spill, That's Our River: D.C. officials and the Coast Guard responded last night to reports of an oil spill on the Anacostia River. The good news: There was no oil spill. The bad news: The river is sufficiently polluted that they thought there was. Keep toting those reusable bags. -3