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Photos: MLK Holiday Parade

Photo Slideshow.  Jan. 16th along Martin Luther King Ave., SE. © 2012 Matt Dunn

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Morning, all! For those of you who are off and wondering what to do with yourselves, I've got the rundown on some of today's local MLK arts events. That includes a day of programming at the soon-to-be-rechiseled memorial. Let us know what you're getting up to today down in the comments.
Photo by michaelhyman300 via Flickr/Creative [...]

District Limerick: MLK Day

Your volunteer prospects are grim
Since this has filled up to the brim
With cash, you are blessed?
Then let me suggest
You purchase the 'zards on a whim

Go quick, or you'll lose out to Ted
Who wants 'em, now Pollin is dead
He's willing to pay
'Cause the place where they play
Could get the Caps outta the red