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The Needle: Mayor Arrested Edition

D.C. Don't Stand for Democracy City: The good news from Friday night's budget dealing between the White House and Congress was that D.C. libraries, rec centers, and other services—like trash collection—didn't have to close. The bad news was that, once again, Congress has decided to play D.C. Council, with President Obama's blessing. City officials still [...]

Was Marshall Brown Right About White Residents?

Late today, At-Large D.C. Councilmember Sekou Biddle fired Marshall Brown from his campaign staff, a day after Brown made comments about white residents in a Washington Post article on the city's changing demographics. Here's what the long-time politico—and father of Kwame Brown—said:
The longtime white population, the people who got involved in statehood, civil rights and environmental [...]

Ben Ali Created a Political Mecca

LL reached a rather distraught Marshall Brown moments ago.
Brown (along with fellow politico and ex-Barry aide Bernard Demczuk) is first among local politickers as a denizen of Ben's Chili Bowl, and as a friend of its proprietor, Ben Ali, who died today at 82. He remembers his longtime friend with this line: "He came here [...]

Kwame Brown’s Dad Collecting Names for Mayoral Run

Those of you searching for a candidate chomping at the bit to take on Mayor Adrian M. Fenty and his $2 million-plus war chest, look out: An honest-to-God 2010 mayoral challenger has made his first nibble.
Well, his dad has, anyway.
Marshall Brown, the longtime political organizer and father of At-Large Councilmember Kwame R. Brown, sent out [...]