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Photos: Outside SCOTUS

The Needle: We’re Here, We’re Divorced, Get Used To It Edition

Divorce Equality: When the District passed a law allowing same-sex marriages a few years ago, it was cause for great rejoicing. Some of the marriages, though, don't appear to have kept the joy going. So now the D.C. Council is looking into easing divorces for same-sex marriages where neither partner lives in a jurisdiction where [...]

The Needle: Strong Edition

The State of Our Union Is Strong: There's been more talk of seating charts this week in D.C. than there is on the first day of preschool, but with some luck, it'll all come to an end tonight, after President Obama delivers his State of the Union address at the Capitol. Streets around the Hill [...]

The Needle: No Snow Edition

Snowed Out: Last winter brought Snowpocalypse, Snowmageddon, and other catchy nicknames for crippling storms. This winter, so far, is bringing near misses. Today's forecast "storm" turns out to be more of the same. Even so, the list of "snow"-related school closings grew throughout the day. And District officials used the snow as an excuse to [...]

Photos: Gay Marriage Day, the Paperwork Edition