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Unobstructed View: In Cancelling The Man Cave, the Same Patterns Play Out Again

This pattern is very familiar: advance, backpedal, move forward again, scuttle

Dan Snyder, Junk Dealer

Maybe Dan Snyder has too much time on his hands now that football people at Redskins Park are making some football decisions. In any case, there are reports Snyder's back to making Gekkoesque business deals away from the NFL operation.
The Wall Street Journal wrote yesterday that Snyder recently sold "Junk" bonds for Dick Clark Productions, a company he owns. From the Journal (subscription required):
In [...]

Dan Snyder Protege Mark Shapiro to Work His Magic on the NFL?

There goes the NFL!
Sure, the league is flying higher than ever now — TV coverage of the NFL draft drew a bigger audience than the NBA playoffs this spring. But mark down July 28, 2010 as the day everything started rolling downhill.
That's the day the reports surfaced that the NFL has brought in Dan Snyder [...]

Update: Six Flagging — Creditor Asks Court to Remove Dan Snyder from Six Flags

Somebody's been reading Cheap Seats' coverage of Dan Snyder's theme park chain, Six Flags...
I heard this morning from Lance Laifer, CEO of Resilient Capital Management. That's an investment group that sunk some sum in the small seven figures into Six Flags, and doesn't want to walk away with nothing. Laifer doesn't like what he's learned [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Dan Snyder Tells Santa the Redskins Have No Waiting List?

Lamont Peterson lost by unanimous decision on Showtime on Saturday night in his bid to take Tim Bradley's WBO junior welterweight title. Peterson was knocked down early, and the judges' cards weren't close. Peterson, who as a teenager trained with a fight club in the basement of Lincoln Junior High in Columbia Heights, now has [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's Six Flags debacle has taken a turn toward the contentious.
We couldn't be happier!
The bankrupt company's creditors are asking the courts to hold up proceedings until they can investigate the relationship between Six Flags and Red Zone LLC, an investment group Snyder formed with a lot of Redskins Park, including team bigwigs Vincent "Vinny" [...]

Cheap Seats Daily: Washington Warriors Won’t Ever Play in the AFL?

The Arena Football League ain't ever coming to DC after all.
Sports leagues, like romantic relationships, can't survive taking a break. Last year AFL owners thought they were different, announcing that while they'd be spending the 2009 season apart, they weren't breaking up.
Again: Just need some space. Just taking some time off from each other before [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

I'm getting the feeling that maybe Six Flags HASN'T REALLY TURNED IT AROUND?
Team Snydiro – Chairman Dan Snyder and CEO Mark Shapiro — have now been telling the world for almost four years that Six Flags has gotten things together.
Today, more proof that Six Flags hasn't gotten things together.

Update: SIX Flagging

Where art thou, Mark Shapiro?
Dan Snyder's business partner and protege was named CEO of Six Flags when Snyder took over the amusement park chain by leading a stockholder coup in 2005. And for a long time, Shapiro was front and center whenever the company was in the news. Shapiro generally came off like Leonardo DiCaprio [...]

Update: SIX Flagging

Dan Snyder's juxtanothing theme park chain, Six Flags, is back in the news. For all the wrong reasons.
Snyder's sub-Mensa-esque brainchild, the network of stand-alone kiddie hair salons known as Six Flags Rollercoaster Cuts, opened its first outlet in West Hartford, Ct., and started hawking costly coif makeovers with dumbass names — The Glammy, Zoink, Big [...]